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    Slicks is a Modular Backpack for All Kinds of Travel

    The bag industry has it pretty good — all kinds of travel need their own special kinds of luggage, which creates a lot of niches to cater to. Businesspeople need something that will keep wrinkles away from their formal clothes, mobile workers need a lot of pockets and slots to stay organized, and tourists need […]

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    Spike Lee is Less Intimidating as an 8-Bit Pixel Backpack

    Sprayground is going pixelated for two of its new backpacks, the Power Up Pixel Wings Backpack and the Spike Lee Pixels Collab Backpack. Both of them will give you sweet new 8-bit powers. The Power Up Pixel Wings Backpack looks like something Mario would get if he ingested a different sort of mushroom, with bright, […]

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    A Little Rain or Snow Won’t Hurt the Moshi Venturo Bag

    The Moshi Venturo looks like the ideal backpack of the present—room for all your gadgets, plus a little extra protection from the elements. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Moshi has gotten the looks down. The Venturo is made of fabric, and is done up in the style of a laptop bag. It’s meant to […]