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    Good Airless Tires For Your Bike Could Be Here Soon

    The idea of airless tires is great — flats don’t happen to any one person that often, but when they do, they can make for awful experiences, especially if they happen outside of the city. In the world of bicycles, we’ve seen attempts at airless tires before, but up until now, we’ve mostly seen solutions that don’t […]

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    BikeShield Protects Cyclists on the Road with Early-Warning System for Cars

    I live in Dublin, and I usually ride a bicycle around town because, as far as capital cities go, Dublin’s a pretty small place. That also means the roads aren’t too huge or crowded (well, compared to what I’m used to, anyway), and with (usually) generous bike lanes, I feel reasonably safe getting to where […]

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    Track Your Bike Cadence with the Wahoo RPM Sensor

    Wahoo, known for churning out high-quality smart accessories for bicycles, is back with another, pint-sized offering – a small cadence sensor that continuously transmits data to your iPhone. The RPM Cadence Sensor is small, light and can be paired with an iOS app over Bluetooth to transmit cadence data on your rides. You get an […]

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    G by GUESS Introduces Retro Inspired Bikes

    Puma has done it, Urban outfitters has done it, and now GUESS is doing it too. The apparel company has produced two special limited edition bikes, just in time for the warm weather. These bikes are designed to fit in with the laid back California vibe of the G by GUESS collection.