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    The BlackBerry KEYOne is Coming to AT&T in a Bold Space Black

    Did this year’s new BlackBerry KEYOne get your attention? It got ours — while the phone wasn’t perfect, the physical keyboard felt great and was stocked with some genuinely useful features. If you’ve been on the fence about getting one for yourself, good news — starting September 1, you’ll be able to try before you buy. That’s […]

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    BlackBerry KeyOne Review

    We’d say that BlackBerry is back, but the truth is they never left. The one-time smartphone king has been on the ropes for years now, but it hasn’t been for lack of trying. The Z30 of 2014 featured compatibility with Android apps, the Priv of 2015 switched to Android and brought back the physical keyboard in […]

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    BlackBerry KEYone Brings Back the Classic Keyboard We Forgot We Missed

    Last year, we learned that BlackBerry would stop making their own hardware and put more resources into developing their security software. Did that mean no more BlackBerry phones? Far from it! Earlier this year, BlackBerry revealed a business partnership with hardware company TCL (one that probably dates back to last year) while teasing a new […]

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    TCL Teases a New BlackBerry Smartphone Named Mercury

    Last year, we saw BlackBerry release one last phone, the DTEK50, before announcing that the company would no longer design and manufacture its own hardware, opting to focus on software and security. When the DTEK50 was released, we (along with many others) noticed a striking resemblance to the Alcatel Idol 4 and 4S, a phone […]

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    Blackberry Will Stop Making Phones to Focus on Security Software

    The day most of us figured was coming eventually has finally arrived. Yesterday, alongside the company’s Q2 earnings announcement, BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed that the onetime smartphone leader will no longer manufacture their own phones. But, from the looks of things, it might just be confirmation of a change that was already put into […]

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    BlackBerry Announces the DTEK50, Their Second Android Smartphone

    BlackBerry hasn’t given up on their handset division just yet. Despite discontinuing their two-year old BlackBerry Classic without a follow-up, the company has announced a second Android device called the DTEK50. While their first Android device, the BlackBery Priv, was priced in the premium range, the DTEK50 has its sight set on a mid-range market […]

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    BlackBerry is Killing Off the BlackBerry Classic

    We’ll spare you the introduction about how dark things have been for BlackBerry and get right to it — the BlackBerry Classic, the company’s 2014 attempt at reviving the half-physical keyboard, half-display form factor that made them a household name, will no longer be produced. The news was announced by COO Ralph Pini in a blog […]

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    Limited Edition Black & Gold BlackBerry Passport is Already Sold Out

    BlackBerry is taking a step back from their new (well, what’s old is new again) BlackBerry Classic to freshen up the BlackBerry Passport, the square smartphone that was arguably even more business-friendly than the new Classic. Nothing inside is getting revamped, though—just a high-class upgrade on the outside for business people with a taste for […]

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    Long Live the QWERTY! Introducing the BlackBerry Classic

    BlackBerry is taking a page out of Coca-Cola’s playbook and hoping that the Z10, Z30, Q10, and the Passport will all be remembered as BlackBerry’s New Coke era. The BlackBerry Classic is a return to the old formula, with a rectangular build, a physical keyboard, and the trackpad and row of navigation keys. It’s more […]

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    BBM App Finally Availabe on iOS and Android

    Since there are ever fewer people using BBM on actual BlackBerry phones, it’s high time for people to start using the messaging service on the new phones they dumped their BlackBerries for. In a move (which has been in the works for some time) that should please many who jumped the S.S. BlackBerry for ships […]

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    BlackBerry Q5 is the Pink BlackBerry We’ll Never Get

    One market that is heating up in the world of smartphones is that of the low-end, business-friendly, text-friendly phone aimed at emerging markets. Historically, BlackBerry has done pretty well with all of those things, and it seems like they’re poised to continue that with the Q5.

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    BlackBerry Teases Us with BlackBerry 10 OS

    In just a couple weeks, on January 30th, BlackBerry will officially announce two brand new phones running an all new platform, BlackBerry 10. While BlackBerry isn’t quite new to the touch market, they’ve taken an all new approach that their customer base and others will find much more intuitive and productive. One phone will be […]

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    BlackBerry App fo the Week: BlackBerry Scores New Foursquare Feature

    Foursquare is opening up some of its features to everyone, without requiring a check-in or even a Foursquare account. It’s an update to the app that will likely make its way to all major mobile operating systems, but for now, it’s only for BlackBerry owners. Foursquare Explore allows all users to search for locations nearby […]

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    RIM Shows Off Latest BlackBerry 10 Features

    BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012 kicked off this week in San Jose, California. Research in Motion has had a quiet year, not releasing much in the way of marquee handsets or operating systems, choosing to bide its time and build up its upcoming massive operating system update, BlackBerry 10, which will supposedly become available, along with new […]

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    BlackBerry PlayBook Experience Pop-Up Store Opens – Do You Care?

    It is going to be a busy week for RIM. Today they address the company’s shareholders at its annual meeting and the company will also launch a pop-up shop for its PlayBook Tablet.  Wouldn’t you like to hear the feedback from its shareholders on this concept… It’s no secret that the BlackBerry PlayBook has been […]