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    Hands-on Photos with the BlackBerry Torch 9800 + Video

    Today BlackBerry and AT&T launched their most powerful BlackBerry yet. The new BlackBerry Torch 9800 is RIM’s first touch QWERTY device slider. The phone was developed with AT&T as a partner and seems to be an exclusive, and wow, are we sick of carrier exclusives! Putting that gripe aside, the BlackBerry Torch 9800 is looking […]

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    Stressberry is the BlackBerry Shaped Stress Ball

    How many times have you wanted to smash or crush your BlackBerry with your bare hands out of pure frustration because of an email or phone call or maybe just a software glitch. Well this latest stress ball is in fact not a ball at all. The Stressberry Phone Shaped Stress Ball takes on a […]

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    BlackBerry Presenter Review

    At CES, BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Presenter accessory. This little device extends the functionality of the BlackBerry into an even meaner tool for business users than it already is. In a nutshell, this pocket sized device lets your BlackBerry be used to wirelessly control PowerPoint presentations seen on a monitor or a projector. All you […]

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    BlackBerry Bold 2 9700 Review

    The new Blackberry Bold 2 is not a revolutionary update to the original Bold 9000, but the new model improves on the original with significant refinements that will make T-Mobile BlackBerry users very happy, especially since it’s the first Blackberry to support their 3G network. What is really nice about the Bold this time around […]

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    CES 2009: Slacker Now Available for Blackberry

    Will make this one short and sweet, since the title is pretty descriptive. Just in time for CES, Slacker has announced their new Blackberry App. The Slacker Mobile app brings the popular music serve to your favorite smartphone as long as your running Blackberry’s OS 4.3 or up. Slacker station caching, an exclusive feature for […]

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    JayBird JB-200 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

    Ironically, Bluetooth has been around for nearly 15 years; However, for most of this time, this technology was dormant. Thus, leading some experts in the technology field wondering whether Bluetooth would become what BETA players and its technology had become with the advent of VHS technology during the 1980’s —- Extinct (VHS had won out […]

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    Oakley’s O ROKR PRO MP3 Bluetooth Sunglasses Review

    The likelihood of water mixing with oil is very improbable because of the chemical composition of both of these liquids; Equate that same theory with the infamous internationally renown Oakley eye wear giant and one of the top telecommunication icons, Motorola teaming up and perhaps you’re left scratching your head. However, in as far as […]