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    Here’s How to Best Use the Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

    The Good: Balanced sound, excellent battery life, secure fit, easy pairing with Apple devices The Bad: Can become uncomfortable after more than an hour, sound quality isn’t good enough to justify $350 on its own Who they’re for: The fashionable, Apple fans looking for premium sound quality, gym-goers who prefer over-ear headphones to in-ears The […]

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    JBL Everest Elite 750NC Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

    JBL just released what might be the most portable and most comfortable noise cancelling over-ear wireless headphones. The Everest Elite 750NC’s are part of JBLs premium headphone lineup. Outside of the high fidelity “pro audio” sound, these Elites are loaded up with features. They feature a 15-20 hour battery for wireless streaming, a fully collapsible […]

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    The Ora Graphene Headphones Might Be the Future of Audio

    With wireless headphones and premium audio processing both firmly established in the market, it’s been hard to imagine where the personal audio market goes from here. Looks like it’s not just about making them look cooler — a Kickstarter project from a company called Ora is using a new wonder material that could change headphones and […]

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    V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless Review

    In November of last year, we heard about three new headphones coming from V-Moda, including the V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless. The Milan-based premium audio firm excels in sound, but exercise buds usually sacrifice audio quality to be lightweight, using tiny and often tinny drivers. Given that they’ve got a reputation to keep up, we figured […]

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    V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 2 Over-Ear Headphone Review

    Crossfades have been V-Moda’s iconic over-ear headphones and it wasn’t until last year that they released a wireless model. Going wireless was an instant win, delivering high fidelity freedom with a lot of comfort and a lot of battery. Now, the new Crossfade 2s deliver an even more impressive 14+ hour battery, even comfier cushions, […]

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    Rock the Slopes With These Detachable Helmet Headphones

    Speaker helmets and aftermarket add-ons are nothing new to snowsports, but they’ve never been particularly convenient. In-line remotes and their tiny buttons aren’t the greatest match for snow gloves, and having a separate audio component can be annoying when putting the helmet on or taking it off. If that’s not a ready-made pitch for a […]

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    Sol Republic Relays Sport Wireless Headphones Review

    Sol Republic just released one of the best pair of wireless sports headphones that doubles as an amazing pair of everyday headphones. The Relays Sport Wireless headphones are in-ear bluetooth headphones that actually stay in during intense exercise. They feature a water resistant design, an 8 hour battery, inline controls and microphone, two audio modes, […]

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    Optoma NuForce BE Sport3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

    Earlier this year, we checked out the Optoma NuForce BE6i wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones and came away impressed with the build quality and the performance of Optoma’s 10 mm dynamic drivers. But, when we think of this kind of wireless in-ear headphones — ones with the buds connected to each other with a cable — we usually […]

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    Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless Headphones Review

    It was way back in 2013 that we reviewed Bowers & Wilkins P7 headphones. The headphones exuded luxury and they sounded great. Here in 2016, Bowers & Wilkins has finally taken the plunge into wireless with the P7 — the company ended its long abstinence from wireless in 2014, and has slowly been rolling out […]

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    Earin True Wireless Earbuds Review

    There’s only a few companies right now giving new meaning to the term “wireless headphones”. Earin was announced in mid-2014 with a Kickstarter for “The Worlds Smallest Wireless Earbuds”. It’s been a year since the first deliveries went out and now Earin is selling an updated version on their site. We got ourselves a pair […]

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    House of Marley Rebel BT On-Ear Headphones Review

    In an audio market crowded at all tiers, House of Marley has managed to carve out a small but dedicated niche for themselves. Besides carrying the banner of the late reggae legend Bob Marley, the company banks on affordable headphones that provide a little more oomph than what you’ll find in the bargain bin. But, […]

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    Monster’s Shiny Over-Ear Bluetooth Elements Headphones Are Finally Here

    Last week, we heard news that Monster was coming out with three Ghostbusters-themed headphones for the new movie hitting theaters this Friday. One of those headphones was an alternate design for their Monster Elements over-ear headphones — only thing was, the Elements themselves weren’t even for sale yet. That changes today, as you can finally get the […]

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    Optoma NuForce BE6i Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones Review

    Optoma is not a name well known in the audio world — look on their store, and all you’ll find are DACs and amps, plus a handful of in-ear headphones. So, when our review unit of the NuForce BE6i in-ear headphones came in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a pair of […]

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    Monster ClarityHD On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Review

    Monster is a trusted brand for headphones, and they haven’t disappointed with their latest ClarityHD Bluetooth Headphones. It’s a crowded market, so it takes some work to stand out — while a lot of wireless headphones opt for physical controls on the earcups, the ClarityHD On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones are operated by taps and swipes using a touchpad. This […]

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    will.i.am Takes a Stab At Bluetooth Earphones With His i.am+

    Bluetooth in-ear headphones have mostly been the domain of exercise enthusiasts, but this year there’s been a nascent movement to turn them into fashion statements. That movement now includes erstwhile technology enthusiast and former Black Eyed Peas member will.i.am, whose EPs Bluetooth Wireless Headphones have just arrived exclusively on the Apple Store. The headphones are […]

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    Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

    Plantronics just released their third version of the BackBeat GO wireless bluetooth in-ear headphones. You can check out our review of the BackBeat GO 2 headphones here. The GO 3 headphones are nano-coated and completely sweatproof, making them an ideal companion for the gym. In addition to superb audio quality, they feature inline controls with […]