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    Plantronics Voyager Edge Gets the Job Done: Review

    Make no mistake about it, Plantronics new Voyager Edge Bluetooth headset is direct competition for Jawbone’s recently released Era headset. Both headsets sport a similar feature set and price point, and are aimed at fashionistas and business men alike. When it comes to design, the Voyager Edge is petite but not nearly as petite as […]

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    Blueflame Power Bar Bluetooth Speaker Review

    There are scores of portable bluetooth speakers to choose from, which means you can choose the one that’s perfect for you. A solid choice is the new Power Bar speaker from Blueflame. It’s not only a speaker, but also doubles as a portable charging station. This speaker has a really big sound packed in a […]

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    The Jellybox Speaker Sounds Delicious Next to Peanut Butter

    New portable tech incoming! Honestly, I don’t know if that’s ever not true, but all the same, these are ones to look at if you want something new with a little spring flavor. OrigAudio is releasing two new devices – a handheld speaker and a plus-sized external battery pack. The Jellybox is the handheld, a […]

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    Beats Studio Wireless Review (2014)

    Whether it is Ellen dancing around in a fairy tale to the new Beats Music App, or Richard Sherman sporting Beats Studio headphones as he runs his mouth off – the Beats machine keeps trucking along as they continue to push out new models in their army of headphones. First was the Studio, so the next […]

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    Sol Republic Tracks Air Bluetooth Headphones Review

    The Sol Republic Tracks Air are wireless bluetooth headphones done right. Sol Republic essentially turned their popular Tracks On-Ears into bluetooth headphones that boast a 15-hour battery, an unmatched range, NFC/bluetooth connectivity, and dual-device connectivity. It’s also hard not to love them for their unique appearance, colors, and unparalleled durability. When it comes to design, […]

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    Deka’s Bluetooth Headset Rocks Custom 3D Designs

    Why hasn’t there been a big push for custom Bluetooth headsets? Who knows? Deka is taking steps to rectify that mistake, by offering up some slick, low-profile Bluetooth headsets that can be made to order. The Deka Bluetooth headset looks like a small disk that covers the inner part of your ear. It doesn’t jut […]

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    Jawbone Redesigns and Revamps ERA Headset for Siri

    Bluetooth speakers might be all the rage these days, but Jawbone is returning to its roots with the new and improved Jawbone ERA bluetooth headset. This tiny, but fashion forward headset, is designed to not only be comfortable and great for making calls, but it has also been revamped to take better advantage of Siri […]

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    Monster Announces DNA Pro Wireless Smart Headphones

    Monster DNA headphones have been a prominent player in the Monster Headphone lineup. Today at CES, Monster announces a new addition, the DNA Pro Wireless Over-ear Smart Headphones. The Pro Wireless use advanced bluetooth, active noise cancellation, USB digital audio, and buttonless touch-sensing controls. What makes them smart? Read on… Monster held an over-the-top press […]

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    Cassette Bluetooth Adapter Makes Your DeLorean Bluetooth Compatible

    Some cars stick around like taffy in teeth. While some people love and nurture their old cars, others are stuck with them as grateful teenagers with their first hunk o’ junk.  But everybody loves music while driving, which is why this delightful little adapter is perfect for anyone in the dilemma of having an old […]

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    G-Shock Bluetooth GBX6900B Review – A Very Smart and Tough Watch

    G-Shock watches have been a classic timepiece for years now. They’re renowned for their durability and capability, especially in extreme sports. This year G-Shock had two big announcements, the first, a metal version of the iconic design, the next was the one that caught our attention: bluetooth. There’s now a version of G-Shock’s 6900 that […]

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    Jabra Solemate Max is a Supersized Bluetooth Speaker

    They already used the shrink ray on the Solemate – might as well get out the supersize ray while they’re at it. The Jabra Solemate Max is a bigger, more powerful version of the Jabra Solemate, and it’s set to offer big sound for a portable Bluetooth speaker.

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    SOL Republic DECK Wireless Speaker Review

    SOL Republic’s first speaker, DECK, first launched alongside Motorola’s customizable Moto X smartphone. So like with SOL Republic’s other products, it’s designed to compliment the colorful Moto X. DECK sports a somewhat unusual flat and slim, but attractive design, with the SOL Republic logo emblazoned on its face. And the logo has a special trick, […]

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    Boombotix Boombot Rex Portable Speaker is Loud with Personality [Review]

    The Boombot Rex is not Boombotix’ first crack at a portable wireless speaker, but it is their first crack at making one that combines the portability and durability they’re known for with audio quality that surpasses average. In that sense, the Rex, the beneficiary of a successful Kickstarter campaign, is a fine effort and, ultimately, […]