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    Logitech Makes Computer Speakers Cool Again with the Z600

      Logitech has come out with an affordable set of Bluetooth speakers that should do nicely for anyone wanting to replace their desktop or laptop’s stock audio offerings. The speakers, which sort of resemble futuristic towers or the nuclear power plant stacks from The Simpsons, come in a pair and can connect to any Bluetooth […]

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    Jam Party Portable Boombox Review

    Party on with Jam Party, a dual speaker wireless bluetooth boombox. This nifty looking speaker comes with a 12 hour rechargeable battery, a built-in handle, and enough sound to kick off your own mini rager. The design of the Jam Party is fun and premium looking. It comes in four very bright flavors: Blueberry (blue), […]

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    JayBird BlueBuds X Bluetooth Earbud Review

    In-ear headphones + phenominal sound quality + wireless bluetooth = JayBird BlueBuds X. Also, add in a built-in microphone, audio controls, water resistance, and a lifetime warranty against sweat. These days bluetooth isn’t so prevalent with in-ear headphones; the JayBirds will have you asking “why not”. They completely nailed it with the BlueBuds X when it […]

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    Jabra Speak 510 Series Review

    The Jabra Speak 510 is a portable Bluetooth speakerphone designed for the mobile professional. This wireless accessory is designed to make it easier for users to have conference calls on the go – that includes whether they are in the board room, or in a hotel room. The goal of the Jabra Speak 510 is […]

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    Blue-Wi’s Nighthawk Microphone Combo System Review

    Blue-Wi’s Nighthawk Microphone Combo System is a pretty unusual do-it-all Bluetooth device. The device consists of a clip-on bluetooth microphone, a removable earbud, and an amplifier / speaker. With the amplifier, the device works as a hands-free car kit. With the earbud it also works as a wireless headset. Plus, it works as a wireless […]

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    Hidden Radio Review – A Kickstarter Project

    Hidden Radio has come a long way since its grassroots days of being a Kickstarter Project back in Nov 2011. This little radio/Bluetooth speaker is finally ready for its close-up. John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria were successful enough to collect nearly a million dollars in funding thanks to their Kickstarter campaign. With those […]

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    Jabra Play and Tag Accessories Transform Headphones into Wireless

    Jabra is rounding out its audio offerings this year with two personal Bluetooth headset speakers – the Jabra Play and the Jabra Tag. Both do roughly the same thing – connect to your Bluetooth devices, letting you listen to music or make calls while wearing mic-equipped headphones or earphones. The Jabra Play is a tiny cylinder […]

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    Velodyne vFree On-Ear Headphone Review

    It’s time to cut the cord… your headphone cord. It’s 2013 and you can be rocking out with an awesome pair of wireless headphones. The brand new Velodyne vFree Bluetooth headphones are on-ear collapseable headphones that are lightweight, personalizable, and packed with amazing sound quality. What’s in the box Velodyne Bluetooth Headphones 4 foot, 3.5 […]

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    StickNFind Offers Bluetooth Buttons for the Absent-Minded

    StickNFind addresses the age old problem of what to do when you lose the remote control/ misplace your makeup bag/ can’t find your camera. StickNFind are button sized devices that can be placed on multiple gadgets, products- even pets!- and each one features a Bluetooth 4.0 sensor. The sensors have a range of 100 feet […]

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    Philips SoundShooter Review – A Tiny Bluetooth Speaker That’s Ready to Explode

    Here it is, the most adorable Bluetooth Speaker on the market. The Philips SoundShooter Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a rubberized barrel (or grenade) shaped speaker no bigger than an apple. The SoundShooter packs big sound, wireless and wired connectivity, a built-in rechargeable 8-hour battery, and even a microphone for making and taking phone calls. What’s […]

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    Speaker Trio, Because Three Wireless Speakers are Better Than One

    They say that 2 speakers are better than one, well how about three? That’s the idea behind Bem Wireless’ new Speaker Trio. This wireless speaker system consists of a trio of wireless speakers. These speakers all share a wireless connection to a base, and they are designed to operate up to 120 feet apart from […]

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    Harman Kardon BTA 10 Bluetooth Receiver Review

    Don’t throw out your old iPhone speakers just yet, in fact don’t throw out any old speakers that work. The Harman Kardon BTA 10 is a little pocket-sized device that easily adds Bluetooth capabilities to any set of speakers. Effortlessly stream music wirelessly from your iPhone, Android, tablet, or laptop. Speakers don’t really get outdated, […]

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    JBL SoundFly Air Takes on Beats Pill and Jambox

    At first blush, the JBL SoundFly Air seems like it would be a good competitor to the great Beats Pill and the Jambox. JBL is known for high sound quality, and the small size of the SoundFly seems to suggest that it would be a quality portable speaker.

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    Beats Pill Wireless Speaker Review

    Beats by Dr. Dre is no stranger to making Bluetooth speakers, but their latest wireless speaker is a pill you will want to pop. The Beats Pill is a portable Wireless speaker that measures just 45.72.mm x 190.50mm and weighs just .68lbs. So while it’s not quite pocket friendly, it’s small and light enough to […]

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    Beats Pill and Executive Premium Headphones Hands-On

    It has been a little quiet on the Beats front as of late, but today the company announced three new products, along with a fun new marketing campaign. The new lineup includes the Beats Pill, a wireless Bluetooth speaker, that is ready to take on the Jambox. The Beats Pill packs in NFC for tap […]

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    JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

    There’s a new portable speaker in town, and this one BOOMS. The JBL Flip is a bluetooth rechargeable speaker that packs some serious audio into a small package. It features dual-drivers, a 5-hour lithium-ion battery, extreme portability, and even a microphone for phone calls, facetiming, or bossing around Siri. What’s in the Box -JBL Flip […]