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    Hasbro is Starting a Subscription Box Service for Board Games

    Keen on playing some games that don’t require a screen? Hasbro is rolling out a new subscription box that will introduce you to new board games you might not have heard of otherwise. The Hasbro Gaming Crate will start shipping out later this year, and it sounds like Hasbro will have something ready for friends […]

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    Game of Phones Makes It Acceptable To Bring Your Phone To Board Game Night

    Phones out during board game night is seriously some bad news. Normally we’d never advocate it, but we’ll have to make an exception for Game of Phones, a card game that flew under our radar last year after a successful Kickstarter launch in late 2014. It’s like Cards Against Humanity, which is a pretty good […]

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    Monopoly and the Game of Life Get zAPPed with iPad and iPhone

    Family game night just got a whole lot more interesting when you add the iPad or iPhone into the mix. Hasbro has just launched the zAPPed line of board games which will forever change how we play traditional board games like Monopoly, the Game of Life, and Battleship. The first game to be released featuring […]

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    iPieces Brings Air Hockey to Life on Your iPad

    You can’t avoid it, if game developers have their way, traditional board games will soon go the way of the dinosaur. More and more app developers are positioning their software to transform your iPad and Android tablets into interactive game boards. Jumbo Games is the latest company to take on family game night with iPieces, […]