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    Fizzics Squeezes Draft-Quality Beer Out of Store-Bought Bottles and Cans

    Beer technology continues to impress — Fizzics is one of the latest companies to graduate from Indiegogo to Brookstone (we would have also taken Sharper Image) thanks to their ingenious device that takes regular bottles and cans of beer and pours out foamy, draft-style beer. If it brings us one step closer to proper draft […]

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    Bud Light’s Fridge Alerts You When You’re Low On Beer

    The connected home movement got a huge boost thanks to the inventive folks behind the Bud-E Fridge, a hybrid marketing campaign/mini-refrigerator built for the avid Bud Light drinker. Like any mini-fridge, the Bud-E Fridge holds beer with great skill, but this one goes one step further by telling you exactly when the right time is […]

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    Stella Artois Comes Out With Designer Draught Unit for Cozy Bars

    We wouldn’t be doing our jobs here without keeping you informed about the very latest in booze technology, so it’s our duty to let you know that Stella Artois has created a sleek, gorgeous mini draught unit with the help of industrial designer Marc Thorpe. It’s being marketed to small businesses, but hey, anything is […]

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    Wine Rack Bra Hides Booze

    We have seen all ranges of gadgets, some are absolutely ingenious and others are just plain moronic….and ladies and gentleman here is one of them. The Wine Rack, no not that kind of wine rack…yes it may look like an ordinary sports bra but in fact it is a bra composed of polyurethane bags that […]