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    Sling TV Really is Cable TV for Millennials – Review

    For a lot of people desperately trying to get away from the cable cabal, Sling TV might just prove to be the silver bullet they’ve been looking for. The new service promises to stream some of the most popular cable network channels live over a Wi-Fi or data connection to smart TVs and set top […]

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    Elgato EyeTV HD Review

    The Elgato EyeTV HD for HD cable and satellite TV, is more or less a Slingbox alternative for Mac users, but with a few extra tricks up its sleeve. The EyeTV will let you watch and record TV shows on your Mac. It will also let you remotely watch live TV on your iPad or […]

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    Time Warner Cable Intros SignatureHome All-Inclusive Package for Red Carpet Types

    Cable companies are losing subscribers left and right, but Time Warner Cable’s new premium SignatureHome service hopes to lure more customers in by packing in everything but the kitchen sink in a truly premium cable package. For $199.99 a month, SignatureHome includes Whole House DVR, Remote DVR Manager, their new Wideband Internet service (up-to 50 […]