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    Nestle’s Kit Kat Can’t Get a Break, Loses Trademark In Europe

    Last time we were talking about Kit Kat and lawsuits in the same sentence, I’m pretty sure it was in regards to some combination of Google, Samsung, and Apple. No tech involved this time, although we are being treated to another fight over form factors. Yesterday, a 10-year fight over the four-finger shape of Kit […]

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    London Candy Co. Brings British Cavities to New York

    If you’ve ever been to the U.K., then you’ve probably had the privilege of tasting some of the world’s best chocolates and candies. And there is no question about it, chocolate on the other side of the pond generally tastes sweeter than its American counterparts. As a matter of fact, American M&Ms taste different than […]

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    Molly Bot Turns Your Retweets into Sweets

    Here is one gadget that is tweeter than sweet! Molly is a little robot that turns your retweets into sweets! Designed to sit on your desk along side your computer while you work, Molly will push out a candy every time you reach the amount of retweets that you have set. It’s like being rewarded […]

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    SoulCalibur IV X-Box 360 Review

    After a very Disappointing SoulCalibur III, I was under the assumption that the new installment, SoulCalibur IV wasn’t going to be much better. Then one day after flipping though a gaming magazine oh about 6 months ago, there it was, Yoda on the cover. That is all SoulCalibur needed to get my attention once again. […]

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    Promax|BDA 2008 Celebrates the Best Promos of the Year

    This week in New York, Promax|BDA held its annual New York conference which celebrates the best that broadcast design of the year. We’re talking about those great commercials, promos, and campaigns that are forces of creativity and entertainment for everyone involved – whether you watch them or helped produce them. The event brings together attendees […]

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    The Sims 2: Castaway Review

    Ever since acquiring Maxis (the original makers of the Sims Franchise), Electronic Arts (EA) has managed to create and expound on a very viable, highly addictive computer game that has achieved a cult like following; turning it into a sub culture, complete with its very own vernacular that continues to capture the hearts, minds, imaginations […]