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    These Marvel Avengers Smartphone Stands are Super Cheesy and Super Fun

    It’s the holiday season — the time for cheese of all varieties. App Dudes have create a couple smartphone stands in the likenesses of Captain America and Iron Man, complete with an app that provides the face. It’s full cornball, and we’re all about it. The stands are big-headed versions of Iron Man and Captain America, […]

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    Superhero Bookshelves Will Power Up Your Living Room

    We love looking at fan creations around here, but usually we find them in the form of digital art or clothing or accessories. What Turkish artist Burak Doğan has created is a first for us, though. He’s put together entire bookshelves shaped like superhero emblems, and while they aren’t the most functional bookshelves around, they’re too […]

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    This Guy Actually Made the Magnetic Captain America Shield from the Movies

    Until we actually live in a world with super-solider serum (uh, unless we do? We wouldn’t know!), these kind of superpowers will have to do. James Hobson, who goes by The Hacksmith, uses his technical and mechanical smarts for good, making real, working versions of superhero gadgets. His latest achievement is his boldest yet — a […]

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    The Symbolism is Strong With These Captain America: Civil War Earphones

    The year’s second great superhero showdown is hitting theaters this weekend (there’s, um, a lot going on), which means we’re about to hit peak merch. Before we move on to the next Marvel movie, we have to give some love to perhaps the most poignant pair of earphones we’ve seen around here — a zipper-style Civil War set […]

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    Keep Cool With a Captain America USB Desk Fan

    There’s a harmony here that requires a few moments of contemplation to appreciate. In time for the release of Captain America: Civil War next month, a company called infoThink is shipping out a pretty sweet USB-powered Captain America fan. Fan synergy. While we guess making the fan out of vibranium was too much to ask, […]

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    Forget the Commercials, These 6 Movie Trailers Debuted At Super Bowl

    Unless you’re a defense aficionado, Super Bowl L between the Panthers and Broncos was probably a bore-fest for you. The league’s two best defenses did what they’ve been doing all year, which sadly doesn’t make for good TV for a lot of us. Fortunately, the game wasn’t the only show in town. As always, plenty […]

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    Get Ready for the Avengers with the Captain America Motorcycle Suit

    The latest replica from UD Replicas will put you squarely in the company of Avengers. The Captain America motorcycle suit is officially licensed and is a detailed copy of the suit worn by the Captain in last year’s “Captain America: The First Avenger.” The fact that Steve Rogers actually rode a motorcycle in that movie […]