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    5 Innovative Gadgets We Want to See in 2014

    Now that the dust has settled and the 2014 International CES is truly a thing of the past, it’s time to take a look at some of the products that were promised at the world’s largest consumer technology show. Remember, many of the items shows at CES are not quite ready for prime time. It […]

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    Behold, the Pocketable YouTube Projector

    How do you carry 120″ in your pocket? With the Philips PicoPix PPX 3610 Projector you can. This portable projector is not only unique because its small, but despite its petite proportions, it’s capable of projecting up to 120 inches at an 854×480 resolution at 100 lumens. It even has Wifi and DLNA for streaming content off […]

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    Hyundai Genesis App Will Remind You When You’re Late For Dinner

    At CES, Hyundai is announcing some new smart car features, adding on to their existing Blue Link infotainment system and introducing the Genesis app, a smartphone companion designed to streamline core smart car features. The Blue Link system is still at the core of Hyundai’s smart car technology. We first saw Blue Link in 2011, […]

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    In Defense of MommyTech – You Guys Missed the Point

    My “get a life” award for International CES goes to VentureBeat and Re/code. With thousands of new products launched — many of them for the connected home and kids market, the authors chose to focus on the name “MommyTech” – a name coined to spotlight the growing interest in building well designed products for the […]

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    For $80, Make the Gold iPhone 5S Purple

    You see just about everything here at CES 2014, including iPhone 5s with different colored housing. We’re not talking about a sticker or a decal, we’re talking about actual colored iPhones. Instead of gold, silver, and space gray, you could have light blue, blue, bronze, green, purple, or red. While this isn’t necessarily new, we were […]

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    Monster Announces DNA Pro Wireless Smart Headphones

    Monster DNA headphones have been a prominent player in the Monster Headphone lineup. Today at CES, Monster announces a new addition, the DNA Pro Wireless Over-ear Smart Headphones. The Pro Wireless use advanced bluetooth, active noise cancellation, USB digital audio, and buttonless touch-sensing controls. What makes them smart? Read on… Monster held an over-the-top press […]

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    39 Selfies from CES 2014 [Gallery]

    CES has come and gone, and as expected, the show had a heavy focus on wearables, fitness products, larger than life TVs, app driven devices and bluetooth speakers. You can check out our full coverage of the show here. But beyond our regular coverage of the show, this year we challenged ourselves with the CES […]

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    CES 2014: 13 Game Changing Innovations

    Celebration of the new year isn’t complete without CES. Every year, the industry flocks to Las Vegas to show off the hottest gadgets and trends in tech for the months to come, and they tend not to disappoint. Well, maybe some do. But, it’s a big show, and there’s a lot of tech to sift […]

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    AMD’s Kaveri APU Processor — What You Need to Know

    AMD announced at CES the January 14 release of the first round of new processor chips, “Kaveri”. Kaveri is AMD’s most advanced APU, or CPU/GPU combo, to date. Kaveri utilizes a new technology known as HSA, heterogeneous system architecture, which effectively removes the idea of “CPU cores” and “GPU cores” and instead shares all the […]

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    WowWee MiP Is a Gesture-Controlled Robot Buddy

    WowWee, by and large a toy manufacturer, has found fame over the past few years by creating some of the most advanced robot companions out there, at fairly reasonable prices. Their newest robot pal, MiP, is no different, introducing some brand new ways to play while keeping things affordable. MiP is a cross between a […]

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    Buffalo’s New Travel Router Fixes Flaky Hotel Wi-Fi Connections

    Ever realize how hotel Wi-Fi has not improved over the last five years? If anything it’s only gotten worse with all the extra devices trying to connect. Here at CES, Buffalo has released the solution: the AirStation AC 433 Wireless Travel Router. This unique pocket-sized device turns a hotel ethernet cable into a wireless router […]

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    4G/LTE Connectivity Coming to Chevrolet’s Corvette and Volt

    Car companies have had increasingly large showings at major tech shows lately, and for good reason – just about all of them now have their own in-car infotainment system, with many able to sync with a driver’s mobile device. Few systems are as robust as Chevrolet’s, who at CES this year made a couple of […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Gear Gets Kid Robot Makeover

    Samsung got artistic this year at CES, partnering up with Kid Robot to show off some high-quality figurines based on the Samsung Galaxy brand. Loosely based, that is. The partnership looks to be in name only, but that doesn’t make the figurines look any less beautiful. Actually, that probably makes them more beautiful, because I […]