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    CES 2011 Verbatim Booth Tour

    Boy are we glad we had a chance to bump into Verbatim at the Pepcom show at CES 2011. They had some very cool storage and accessory products to show off. Some of the products are currently available, while we will be anxiously awaiting for the others to hit the market.

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    Hands On with the Motorola Xoom Honeycomb Tablet

    The Motorola Xoom Tablet is one of the first touchscreen tablets to use Android version 3.0, also known as HoneyComb. HoneyComb was specifically designed by Google for Tablets. The Xoom is a 10.1″ touchscreen tablet with 1280×800 resolution, 3G, 802.11N WiFi, 5 Megapixel rear-facing camera, 2 Megapixel front-facing camera, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, […]

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    Sony Shows Off First Double Full HD 3D Camcorder

    Sony debuted the “World First Double Full HD 3D Consumer Camcorder” at CES last week. The HDR-TD10 3D High-Definition Flash Memory Handycam Camcorder features two integrated Sony G Lenses. It can record video in 2D or 3D at a full HD 1920×1080 resolution. You can even view your recordings directly on the camera’s integrated 3D LCD […]

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    Dolby PC Entertainment Experience Coming to a Laptop Near You

    Dolby, a company that is synonymous with sound quality, announced a new set of audio technologies at CES which will greatly improve the consumer’s audio experience on laptops and PCs. The new technology and standard is part of the fourth generation of the Dolby PC Entertainment Experience, which includes two technology suites– Dolby Home Theater […]

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    The Boogie Board is set to replace Post-It Notes forever

    Remember those Magic Slates of your childhood? You’d doodle all over them, then one wipe and they were clean and ready to use again. Improv Electronics have created their own version of this, but given it a digital twist. The Boogie Board is a slim LCD screen which allows you to create digitized notes and […]

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    CES 2011 Ion Audio Booth Tour

    Ion Audio was one of the more exciting booths we got a chance to visit at CES. It was filled with all sorts of fun speakers and accessories for iPhones, iPods, iPads and other audio devices. We got to try our hand at DJing, we rocked out to some very loud tunes, and even got […]

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    Stickybits stickers let you create custom content to share

    In jokes are great. Everyone loves a good meme or a viral Lolcat and it’s nice to share that with your friends. Sure, you can use the web for that, but sometimes it’s nice to have something solid. Stickybits stickers contain individual barcodes, which you scan with an Android or iPhone phone (one you’ve downloaded […]

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    Hands on with Sungale Cyberus ID801WT Kitchen Touchscreen

    The Sungale Cyberus ID801WT was presented to us as a Digital Recipe Organizer which displays recipes stored locally and online, but it can do much more than that. We first wrote about it back in August and this week we got to see it hands on. Sungale was selling the ID801WT short, we found the recipe organizer […]

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    CES 2011 – Kodak Camera Booth Tour

    Kodak has a new line of fun and affordable cameras coming this year, and we had the opportunity to take a hands-on look. Kodak has done a fabulous job of incorporating the features that young consumers want. Some of the features incorporated into their upcoming lines of cameras include chic and stylish appearances, waterproof-dustproof-shockproof durability, […]

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    CES 2011 Windows 7 Booth Tour

    At the Windows 7 booth, Microsoft showed one of some of the new Windows 7 laptops, tablets, and everything else in between. Below are a few of the nicest products we saw. There’s the Acer Iconia laptop, which substitutes the keyboard for a full sized multi-touch display, Samsung’s ultra thin 9 Series Notebook, Asus’ Eee […]

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    Who iHeart’s this iPod jewelry box?

    If you grew up on a diet of Disney, waiting for your Prince to come this might be the jewelry box of your dreams, for others it’s a glittery piece of kit that brings a little vomit to the mouth. The iHeart Jewelry box combines a heart shaped jewellery box with an iPod dock and integrated speaker. You have a rather pretty mirror finish on the outside, and a heart shaped mirror situated within the lid.

    You get 2 2watt speakers, and you can also listen to tunes via headphones as there is a 3.5mm jack.

    The controls are very basic, but provide you with everything you need- and you use heart shaped buttons to control everything! It’s compatible with every iPod and iPhone product, all the way back to the 1st generation of Nano!

    Little girls will love it, everyone else might find it a little too bling.

    Available from Mono Concept- no sign of a US price or availability.

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    Hands on with the BlackBerry PlayBook

    Tablets might be a ten a penny at CES, but I was eager to have a look at the BlackBerry PlayBook, a new step in terms of business technology. Merging the functionality of a BlackBerry with a stylish tablet, the 7 inch PlayBook could potentially be a market changer, in terms of business conferences and office functionality. It features a 7 inch multitouch capacitative screen and is 10mm thick.

    The BlackBerry PlayBook was surprisingly comfortable to hold, far lighter than the iPad (it weighs 0.4kg compared to the iPad’s 0.68kg) and felt good in the hand. The gloss finish was attractive and the screen was beautiful to behold. The multitouch was a tad tricky to use, with a little display lag when zooming in and out of the pages- ‘it’s extra sensitive’, the spokesperson claimed, before elaborating that the model we had was still ‘unfinished’.

    We couldn’t look at document editing or spreadsheets as they weren’t yet installed, which was a shame, as that’s going to be one of the big draws for people.

    The PlayBook features two cameras, a frontward facing 3megapixel camera and a 5megapixel rear camera. Connectivity wise, you get an HDMI port, a micro USB port and WiFi. As well as Adobe Flash 10.1. You can play videos in 1080p on the screen, and what we saw looked great, with rich vibrant colours and it was easy to adjust controls such as volume and brightness with a finger swoosh.

    As the PlayBook is designed to cater for the business user, you have full BlackBerry support, from integrated calendars to Blackberry Messaging services. In terms of video conferencing, you’re able to use both cameras, and it has a 1GHz dual core processor for fast speeds, and 1GB RAM.

    There are more functions than just business to this device, as it provides an all round multimedia experience, with music, videos, pictures and games all as standard.

    Out later this year, price TBC.

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    Hands on with Samsung’s Sliding PC 7 Series

    Samsung totally had us fooled when we caught them showing off this new “tablet”. Turns out it was not a tablet after all. In its closed state it looks and acts completely like a Tablet running Windows 7, but slide the screen up and out and bam! it’s a completely usable notebook computer with a […]

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    The Pleo rb has a Jurassic Park moment

    Think this little fella looks familiar? Well you’d be right, as the Pleo has been knocking around for some years, but Jurassic Park style has just been rescued from extinction. This uber friendly tactile robotic dinosaur was canned last year due to poor sales, but thanks to some outside investment has made a comeback, and has a selection of upgraded features.

    The ‘rb’ stands for reborn, and the latest incarnation of this friendly dinosaur is an intelligent emotive robot, who actually builds relationship with its owner based on how it’s treated. Think Tamagotchi in 3D and you’ll get the idea. You interact physically with the Pleo, touching and stroking it, and you can upload various personalities to it via the included SD card slot.

    The Pleo rb features voice recognition, which allows it to directly respond to names, and motion sensors to help stabilize it. The multiple sensors it’s fitted with give it a very distinct personality; for instance, it’s temperature aware and will shiver if your heating is low. It can also register what time of day it is, and curl up for a nap or wake up accordingly. Well, in theory- the battery life is only 150 minutes, so there’s limited play time.

    You can also purchase accompanying packs full of Learning Stones, which are cute looking accessories (think leaf shapes) fitted with RFID chip, which you let the Pleo nuzzle up to, and they teach it new tricks or how to unwind.

    $469 from PleoWorld

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    Hands on with the Hanvon eInk colour Ebook reader

    For years the debate has raged- do you opt for the pretty (but tiring on the eyes) LCD eReader for eBooks, or do you go for the drabber but infinitely better eInk screen, which lacks colours. That choice just got easier with news of the Hanvon eBook reader which uses eInk AND has a colour screen. How does it achieve this? Very simply, actually- it simply uses a colour filter to display 4096 colours. They did look rather muted on the devices we got to play with, but we were told they can look brighter with different PDF’s.

    Hanvon hope that this option will change the way people choose which eReader to buy, as their reader will offer colour in combination with the 30+ days of battery time associated with most eInk readers.

    The eReader will play most common formats, including ePub, TXT and PDF files and will also display JPG’s. It features integrated WiFi to allow you to download easily from their eBook store, and their are plans for a 3G model in the works.

    The screen is 9.7 inches and has a digitizer touchscreen, and you can use your hands or the included stylus to flick through pages or surf. There’s seems to be quite a lag on the page turns however- we were quoted 2 seconds- which seems a long time to refresh, but hopefully this will be improved on. There’s an SD card slot so you can expand the memory, and a 3.5mm jack, as the reader can also handle audio.

    It comes preinstalled with a selection of games and books, and feels rather nice in the hand- substantial, but not too weighty.

    A release date has yet to be confirmed, but it will be on sale for approximately $500 from, Hanvon in China later this year.

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    FashionWare 2011 is Like Fashion Week for Fashionista Geeks

    This week we got a chance to witness something extremely unique and incredibly awesome in Las Vegas, amongst this gadget infested wasteland that is CES 2011 – FashionWare.  FashionWare 2011 brought together various ladies of the tech blogosphere including our very own Chip Chick ladies Helena Stone and Zara Rabinowicz, who where presenters at the […]

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    Hands on with the Motorola Atrix and Laptop Dock

    Motorola has just announced a very interesting addition to their Android smartphone line, the Motorola Atrix. The Atrix is a powerhouse of a phone, but that’s not why it’s particularly interesting. The Motorola Atrix has the ability to lend it’s innards to an ultra-thin laptop dock. This dummy netbook of sorts is a charging dock […]

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    Whirlpool Vantage washer and dryer feature Laundry Apps and a USB port

    Laundry is not a sexy subject. The weekly chore of throwing your dirty clothes in the machine, pouring in the liquid and then hanging it all up again is always going to be dull and mundane. Or is it? Whirlpool is trying to make the whole experience more entertaining/ intuitive. And this includes a colour LCD screen and a USB port. It gets stranger…

    The Whirlpool washing machine features a display screen with touch enabled laundry apps. Yes, really. These allow you to make sure you always wash your clothes at the correct temperature, so no more shrunken silks or ruined jeans for you. The animated graphic will help younger user do their own laundry as well, as kids will no longer be able to say they don’t understand the setup. There are 33 special cycles which cater to everything from stuffed toys to bath mats, shower curtains and swimwear-all the usual, and a couple extra just for fun.

    For the particularly useless, the LCD screen will even give you tips and tricks on how to deal with stubborn stains. The price point may be high, buy you’re actually going to be pretty energy efficient using this, as the washer can use as little as 11.5 gallons a load- well below the minimum requirements.