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    Ford’s TuneIn Radio App to Offer Drivers 50,000+ Global Stations with Voice-Controlled SYNC

    CES 2012 saw Ford release a very interesting announcement in the field of car/smartphone integration with the new TuneIn Radio App that works in tandem with SYNC connectivity system. Drivers can access and control apps on their smartphones with just their voice, making for safer driving. 10 models have this capability including: The 2012 Ford […]

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    IOGEAR Wireless Multi-Touch Pad Reacts to Your Gestures

    IOGEAR presented their Wireless Multi-Touch Pad with a five inch screen at CES 2012. Much like a tablet, it can respond to various gestures. Still there are the comforting old familiarities of the right/left clock mouse, but integrated with other features. Among those are the multi select, where you just double tap your finger to […]

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    Graphic Novel Nerds Squawk with Excitement Over New Stan Lee “Origins” Storybook Apps

    Marvel and Disney are coming down off the enormous success of  “The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story,” to release another set of Origin Comic Books via the same style Storybook App. “Avengers Origins: Hulk” and “Avengers Origins: Assemble!,” are the latest releases announced at CES 2012, and are personally narrated by Stan Lee himself. Expect […]

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    Liquid Image’s Ego is a Mini Mountable WiFi Sport Camera

    Liquid Image crashed into CES 2012 with a mountable mini camera called Ego. Its called Ego because it is meant to be used at an angle that make you look good while you are cutting up awesome moves in your playtime. There are plenty of goggles out there that give a Point of View camera […]

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    Swivl Does the Twist with Your iPhone Videos

    Swivl swished into CES 2012 with a mobile accessory that lets you fire that old personal cameraman that you used to take everywhere. It comes equipped with a sensor marker that signals the camera Swivl base where to record. This year they have also added a built in microphone to the sensor so you can […]

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    AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 Hands-On Photos

    If you have been wondering when the much anticipated Nokia Lumia 800 would land in the U.S., instead feast your eyes on the newest Windows Phone handset from Nokia. AT&T and Nokia have just introduced the Lumia 900, which is more or less a suped up version of Lumia 800, but with support for AT&T’s […]

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    TourWrist iPhone App Gives Free 360 Tours of Whatever

    Last night we met TourWrist, a newly created startup that specializes in the aggregation of panoramic photographic tours. Turn your iPad or iPhone into a window of someone else’s life; look up, look down, turn around, and see it all. See through the eyes of someone in the middle of Times Square, New York on […]

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    The Sony Walkman is Back and Powered by Android

    The Sony Walkman was the essence of the 80’s and 90’s, and lucky for us it’s back in a big way, Android style! The new Z1000 Series Walkman Mobile Entertainment Player is designed for music lovers by music lovers. The New Walkman  features an anti-reflective 4.3 inch multitouch LCD screen with an integrated S-Master MX digital amplifier […]

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    Fitbit Intros the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

    Look out Withings, your fancy scale is about to become obsolete with the arrival of Fitbit’s debut of the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale.  That’s right at CES 2012 Fitbit introduced Aria, a new high-end performance scale, that will wirelessly track your weight, BMI and % body fat over time. Much like Fitbit revolutionized digital […]

  • MIMOMICRO are Adorable DC Comic and Star Wars MicroSD Readers

    Honestly, could Mimoco’s Mimobot line of designer USB flash drives get anymore adorable?  Today, at CES 2012 Mimoco has unveiled a new product line called MIMOMICRO. The MIMOMICRO product line may look like a flash drive, but in actuality they are adorable microSD card readers. That said, the MIMOMICRO can be used as a USB […]

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    Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera Uploads Photos for You

    Despite rumors of Kodak planning on filing for bankruptcy, the company has announced two new innovative imaging products at CES, including the Kodak EASYSHARE M750. Everyone hates wires, and fortunately, the new Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera is all about cutting the chords. This wireless camera has built-in Wi-Fi sharing that makes it super easy to […]

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    Sportiiiis Glasses Keeps You Informed During Excercise

    4iiii Innovations released Sportiiiis, pronounced Sport-Eyes (obviously), an audio/visual feedback system that attaches to sport eyewear and provides athletes with real-time visual feedback of their performance data. If athletes don’t mind an accessory to their glasses this close to their eye, they can maximize the benefits of their workout by receiving up to the moment […]

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    Griffin Twenty Amplifier Amplifies to the Max

    Griffin launched the Twenty Audio Amplifier for Airport Express at CES 2012 today. This isn’t your dad’s amplifier. It’s small, sleek, and efficient. It is an audio amplifier that uses an Airport Express to capture the AirPlay stream, decode it, then send the lossless, amplified sound through speakers. It can do this from iTunes or […]

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    Lexus Unveils Sleek Hybrid 2+2 Sports Coupe Concept- Take that DeLorean!

    2+2=4 which is how many stars we’d give this candy apple concept car from Lexus! The newly unveiled LF-LC concept was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show today. It “liberates the idea of a sport coupe and pushes the boundaries of performance, style, and technology.” In layman’s terms- “It’s cooler than the DeLorean.” […]