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    Disney Theme Park To Open in Shanghai This June

    The Disney magic is going to spread even farther across the world this year — the latest Disney resort is set to open in Shanghai, China on June 16, and it’s going to be no modest addition to the family. Joining the parks in California, Florida, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Paris, Shanghai Disney will be […]

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    Is Smog From China Reaching the U.S. West Coast?

    A joint Dutch-U.S. study recently published in Nature Geoscience suggests that the answer is yes. The research team looked at ground-level ozone presence (better known as smog) between 2005 and 2010, and found that rising levels in China have allowed ozone to jump aboard westbound winds and reach the west coast of the United States, […]

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    Can Governments Rightfully Issue a Facebook Ban?

    As connecting worldwide and sharing information becomes easier through tools like smartphones and social networking sites, many governments that have traditionally been able to squash the flow of information are faced with new problems in controlling it. Rather than allowing innovation to take its course, many governments are choosing to ban the tools that make […]

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    Monster and Yao Ming Launch Headphones & Electronics Line in China

    Monster Cable and larger then life NBA superstar, Yao Ming have teamed up to launch a new series of co-branded “Yao Monster” consumer electronics and lifestyle products for distribution in China. These Yao Monster products will include everything ranging from high performance headphones, lifestyle bags and performance glasses line, to home theater connectivity and power […]

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    Women Only Parking Lot in China is Pink and Has Cartoons

    Remember those pink taxi cabs in Mexico City? Well a parking lot exclusively for women drivers will open early next year at a shopping center in China. The women’s parking lot will be located underneath the Wanxiang Tiancheng shopping center and will offer wider parking spaces especially designed for female drivers. Local Chinese insurance companies […]