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    Music Kickstarter Launches First Cloud Based Record Label

    Given how unpopular major record labels have become with much of the Internet-active population, Music Kickstarter could represent a real, functional alternative to that major label system for artists everywhere. Kickstarter Music is an organized effort that will allow individual musicians to create their own record label, seeking funding from fans in exchange for various […]

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    Float On Your Own Cloud With Pogoplug Mobile

    Today, at the IFA 2011 trade show in Berlin, Pogoplug announced its latest gadget geared towards mobile cloud streaming. The Pogoplug Mobile device will sit at home and stream your media to your mobile devices while you’re on the go. In that sense, it’s like your own personal cloud server, meaning you can access and […]

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    Pogoplug Video Review

    Just watch the clouds go by. We all want our own personal cloud don’t we? With Pogoplug Video you can have just that. Not the white fluffy kind, but the Amazon, Apple juggernaut kind. Pogoplug Video allows you to make everything on your hard drive available and accessible anywhere you like. Feel like going on […]

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    Buffalo CloudStor Review with Pogoplug

    NAS drives are a dime a dozen nowadays. So in order to stand out, a NAS drive needs to bring a lot more to the plate than just backing up the drives on your network. Fortunately, Buffalo’s latest CloudStor with Pogoplug NAS drive brings together the strength of Buffalo Tech’s great NAS devices with Pogoplug’s […]

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    KT, Intel and Samsung to Demo First Ever LTE Solutions Based on Cloud Communication Center

    KT, a wireless service provider based in South Korea, Intel and Samsung announced at MWC 2011 together that they will be conducting the first ever LTE solutions based on Cloud Communication Center network technology. The demonstration will consist of a full-HD, 3-D streaming video using LTE (informally known as 4G) and the cloud, which is […]