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    Fashion Designer Creates Ecological Clothing for The Dead

    Just because you shuffle off your mortal coil doesn’t mean you can just shuffle off good fashion. Not when there’s clothes for the dead to be had. In all seriousness, Garments for the Grave takes a sensible, some might say postmodern, view of burial clothes. Invoking contemporary tendencies toward cold practicality, designer Pia Interlandi’s new […]

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    SanDisk Intros slotMusic Cards & Players Personalized by Artists

    SanDisk new SlotMusic Cards and slotMusic Players seem like an obvious progression in the world of digital music, yet SanDisk is the first to come out with these new concepts. SlotMusic Cards are microSD cards that come preloaded with DRM-free MP3s from music artists. The cards cost just $14.99 – comparable to a CD album, […]