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    Get The 27-Inch iMac With An Old School Retro Apple Logo

    ColorWare is making a habit out of this retro Apple thing. After customizing the iPhone 6S and the MacBook Air with the old multicolored Apple logo, they’ve now gotten their hands on some 27″ iMacs. And, like before, you’ll want to act quickly if you want one for yourself. ColorWare, best known for letting you […]

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    Get the 12-inch MacBook in Any Color You Want – Even Pink

    It’s almost back-to-school time where everyone in class will be showing off their new gadgets like the ultra-slim 12-inch MacBook in Gold, so why not stand out from the crowd of conformists with your own custom colored MacBook from ColorWare? Think of ColorWare as the shop that you’d take your car to get it tricked […]

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    MacBook Air Retro Sports the Apple Logo of Yesteryear

    After years of letting you paint your gadgets any way you choose, ColorWare is getting a little more creative, with new limited edition custom offerings. We first heard about this with their leopard-print Beats Pill Safari and, for some reason, a KitchenAid stand mixer. Next up is one that is sure to pull at the […]

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    Colorize Your 21” and 27” iMac with a Custom Paint Job

    ColorWare is ready to douse your shiny white iMac in all kinds of color. The custom electronics paint job company has just announced that they’re offering custom jobs on the new 21” and 27” iMacs. For the iMac, you’ll have four different elements to color as your heart desires – the body, the stand, and, […]

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    ColorWare Wedge for iPad Review

    When it comes to stands for your iPad, there are quite a few options available. But few are as cool and stylish as the Wedge from ColorWare. I’ll tell you upfront that you can get another stand for a lot cheaper, but if you want a great product that will set you apart from the rest, […]

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    SOL REPUBLIC Tracks and ColorWare Get Soulful with Colors

    The latest trend in headphones is starting to be all about how colorful they are. FannyWangs debuted their custom color service for their line-up of headphones this past week, Beats by Dr. Dre is offering up limited edition pairs of colorful Beats Studios, and now SOL REPUBLIC has handed over their headphones to ColorWare to be […]

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    Sennheiser HD 800 Gets Pricey Paint Job from ColorWare

    To colorize popular items like Beats by Dr. Dre headphones or iPhones must be so so boring already that ColorWare has decided to aim its coloring sights on the Sennheiser HD 800. These wired headphones feature dynamic sound and sophisticated design that consists of materials from the aerospace industry. The headphones themselves are not new […]

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    ColorWare iPhone 4S Will Cost $1500 But it Will Be Very Prettttyyy!

    Well someone couldn’t wait to get their clutches on the iPhone 4S already. It’s not even out a full day and ColorWare is already offering customized ones. That’s right—you can customize the back, home button, frame, earbuds and even SIM tray. You can turn your iPhone 4S into a technicolor dreamcoat if you want to. […]

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    iPad 2 Gets the ColorWare Treatment

    Is there any Apple product safe from ColorWare’s clutches? No. That said, the latest ColorWare victim is the iPad 2. That includes all the iPad 2 models, including the WiFi only iPad 2, and the 3G iPads for AT&T and Verizon. You can customize the color on the iPad 2 for everything from its body, […]

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    Beats Pro by Dr. Dre Gets Gangsta with ColorWare

    Oh that ColorWare, always painting our gadgets with all the colors of the rainbow. Their latest is the Beats Pro by Dr. Dre. ColorWare is no stranger to the Beats by Dr. Dre line of headphones having colorized the entire line-up already, adding the latest Beats Pro to their arsenal is not surprising at all.