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    The Budget ZTE Grand X 4 Arrives at Cricket Wireless November 18

    If you’re a Cricket Wireless customer or thinking about becoming one, you’ll have one more smartphone to choose from starting this Friday. ZTE is shipping out the Grand X 4, a lower-end phone priced at $130. If you’re on a budget this holiday season (and after all the spending on gifts, who isn’t?), it looks […]

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    ZTE Grand X Max 2 is a Killer $200 Phablet

    When the ZTE Grand X Max+ debuted, the 6″ phone was well-received for its price, but not as much for the spec sheet sacrifices it had to make to get there. The new Grand X Max 2 is a different story, improving in huge ways to make the new phablet a force to be reckoned […]

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    Lumbering Phablet ZTE Grand X MAX Headed to Cricket Wireless

    A new phablet—which I understand to be anything in the 6″ range, but who knows anymore—is headed to Cricket Wireless at a pretty low price for something with so much screen real estate. The Grand X MAX, a 6″ phablet from the rising low-cost handset maker ZTE, brings its mid-range specs and huge screen size […]