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    These Adorable Pokémon Drawings Are Total Cuteness Overload

    We’ve seen Pokémon drawn as cuddly creatures before, but nothing could have prepared us for what Kori Arredondo of Mexico had in store for us. Her doodles of Pokémon playing around with each other are pretty much the most heartwarming things we’ve ever seen — brings a whole new meaning to wanting to catch them all! If you […]

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    You Won’t Be Able to Resist Trying to Catch All the Cutest Pokémon Ever

    Oh goodness. We’re not going to get over this one. We were already in love with Eric Proctor’s work — see his hilarious Disney x Grumpy Cat crossover series and his sommelier-like pairings of Disney princesses and Eeveelutions — but this is way too much. He’s in the process of drawing the original Pokémon in the cutest way […]

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    Hilarious Animals Hitching Rides on Roombas

    We know you bought that Roomba for vacuuming, but it has a whole other purpose for these users! Who knew you could clean your house while at the same time providing your pet with hours of endless enjoyment? These animals take riding in style to a whole new level! For our bonus round, we feature […]