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    The Empire Demands Total Obedience With Star Wars Simon

    What better game to bear the visage of Darth Vader than one that brutally punishes failure to follow simple instructions? Fortunately, I don’t think Star Wars Simon will Force choke you out if you hit red instead of blue, but then again, you might want to err on the side of caution. Star Wars Simon, […]

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    Life-size Stormtrooper Helmet Is Actually a Bluetooth Speaker

    Don’t think there can be any way to better herald the coming of the Empire than by using a massive, 1:1 scale Stormtrooper or Darth Vader helmet speaker. Both are available for preorder on Brando now — you’ll just have to forgive the ‘Stormtropper’ typo on one of the product pages. Hopefully no one gets […]

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    Star Wars Mood Lights

    If you want to do your best to recreate the feeling of the funeral pyre scene at the end of Return of the Jedi, go get yourself a Star Wars Mood Light, featuring a fiery red glow coming out from the mask of Vader. The Star Wars Mood Lights are battery-powered (AAs or AAAs, depending […]

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    Star Wars Corsets Will Bring You to the Darkside

    Star Wars baby T’s are soooo boring, but Star Wars Corsets? Now we’re talking. After all, nothing screams that you’ve joined the darkside more than the DARKSIDED Star Wars Darth Vader corset top for $77.00. But believe it or not, the Darksided corset isn’t the only Star Wars corset being sold by a seller on […]