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    MAXROAM Global Data SIM Card Offers International Data on the Cheap

    For a good number of us, using data on our mobile devices while traveling abroad is pretty much out of the question. Roaming fees and international data plans from the major carriers are astronomical, as seen in the scores of horror stories involving people getting stuck with four-figure plus phone bills. Fortunately, if you’re toting […]

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    Rover Hub Pay-as-you-go 4G Review

    As of late, 4G has become the talk of the town. Chances are you’ve seen some Clear 4G ads around town, or perhaps you’ve noticed a Clear kiosk at your local mall or Best Buy. Clear 4G offers users access to the next generation of highspeed wireless internet access without any restrictions – that means […]

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    AT&T Intros Pay-As-You-Go Data Plans for Laptops & Netbooks

    AT&T has come out with new DataConnect Pass pay-as-you-go service for their netbooks, as well as for laptops. These data plans include both 3G mobile broadband data, as well as wifi. We assume that the wifi is unlimited. The AT&T DataConnect Pass plan options include: DataConnect Day Pass (100 MB) – $15 DataConnect Week Pass […]