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    We Tip Our Hats to These Old Western Justice League Superheroes

    Italian artist Denis Medri can make some pretty amazing sketches, but it’s his imagination that has us coming back — we loved his series of Star Wars characters stuck in an ’80s high school movie, and we’re just as into his twist on the Justice League. They’ve all gone back in time to the Wild West, […]

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    The Teenage DC Super Hero Girls are Coming to Cartoon Network Next Year

    Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more of DC Super Hero Girls — DC superheroines reimagined as high school students. DC and Mattel launched the concept a couple years ago, starting with a line of action figures and an animated web series. It’s caught on in a big way since then (even getting […]

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    25 Superhero Inspired Leather Jackets for Heroic Men

    A solid leather jacket is a core fashion piece for any superhero look. Fortunately for the geek at heart, we can adopt that look a bit easier than a cape would be for an everyday wardrobe. We found 25 geeky leather jackets that will look good on just about anyone. All that is required is […]

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    23 Geeky Scarves for a Fashionable Fall

    Scarves are like the duct tape of fashion — they can make any outfit work. They can elevate the most ordinary jeans and a t-shirt with a pop of color and a hint of personality that doesn’t overwhelm your look. Plus, they keep you super warm. We found 25 beautiful scarves that shout geek in […]