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    Grasso Releases Lady Diamond Phones for Rich Girly Girls

    In an economy like this one, where budget gadgets are soaring and luxury gadgets are failing, it boggles the mind how a mobile phone company like Gresso can stay afloat. Yet, they have two new handsets to release, and these seem to be aimed at the female audience. The Lady Diamond Collection includes Lady Gold […]

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    Samsung 2008 Spring Fever Gadgets

    We had a blast at the Samsung Fever Showcase looking at all the great cool stuff coming out soon, as well as what is out already. Below are some of the items that caught our attention. Samsung Series 4 450 3-D Ready Plasma HDTV: The first of it’s kind, Samsung always thinks outside the box […]

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    ATI TV Wonder Line Streams Free HD Television to Your PC

    Yesterday AMD to showed us the VERY impressive ATI TV Wonder Line by Diamond in person. There is big misconception with the fact that HD quality TV can only be attained through your local cable service provider. But the ATI TV Wonder line proves that over the air HD quality television is possible and available […]