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    If Disney Princesses Played Pokémon

    In a world where Kingdom Hearts exists, is it really impossible? I don’t know if we’ll ever see the kind of Pokémon x Disney crossover these fan artists have dreamed up, but it’s good to know there’s a strong foundation for one! Given their rich history of friendship with the animal kingdom, we’re thinking Disney princesses would […]

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    The Rocketeer is Getting a Sequel With a Black Woman in the Lead Role

    Remember The Rocketeer? Maybe, maybe not, but one thing’s for certain — it came out in the ’90s. You know what that means. Disney’s slow-starting, now-beloved art deco adventure is being revived, but don’t call it a reboot. Disney is working on The Rocketeers, which is being written as a direct sequel to the original movie. The Hollywood Reporter has […]

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    What Disney Characters Would Look Like With Tattoos

    Disney characters are the epitome of clean-cut and perfect. Could you imagine a world where your Disney favorites sported tattoos and even piercings? It’s hard to believe, but here they are, all inked up and grown up courtesy of the talented and imaginative artists Diego Gómez and Laura Evelyn Edwards! Can you say bad to […]

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    Disney’s Cinderella Castle is Now a LEGO Set

    When Lego revealed that this year’s minifigure collection was going to be full of Disney characters, we should have seen this coming. Perhaps we were scared to get our hopes up. But no, it’s real, and it’s shipping out this September — Lego has created a fully detailed set for the Disney Castle found in Disney […]

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    24 Geeky Eye Makeup Design Masterpieces

    Makeup is generally not considered to be one of the great art forms, but after taking a look at the eye makeup designs below, you might just change your mind! Pull out your brushes and get your canvas (or your face) ready — we’re going to go through the best geeky eye makeup the internet has […]

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    Disney Magical Dice Lets You Build the Disney Empire of Your Dreams

    An upcoming mobile game is being billed as the Monopoly of the Disney universe — not to be confused with Disney Monopoly, of course. Disney Magical Dice is an upcoming free-to-play board game, and developers Netmarble know what they have. They launched a pre-registration site for their game yesterday, and if you think that’s a […]

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    20 of the Most Hilarious Disney GIFs

    We found Disney movies and cartoons hilarious as a kid. But, let’s be honest and admit we still find them to be pretty funny even as the extremely sophisticated adults that we are today — especially when we can see them in hilarious GIF form. So without further ado, here are 20 of the funniest Disney gifs […]

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    The Next LEGO Minifigures Collection is Made Up of Disney Characters

    Two of our great loves, together like never before. Lego has officially announced that their next minifigure collection will exclusively feature Disney characters. Money will be spent. The collection will include 18 new minifigures, featuring a pretty wide variety of Disney characters. Instead of just going with core Disney characters, there are a few minifigs […]

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    What if Disney Characters Starred in the Walking Dead?

    With the season six finale of The Walking Dead coming up this Sunday, we figured we’d ask the question that you never thought you wanted answered (until now). If we replaced the whole cast with Disney characters, how long would they all last before being cruelly ripped away from us by unfeeling showrunners (who may […]

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    25 DIY Disney Costume Tutorials

    Who says you have to wait until Halloween to let your inner Disney Princess shine? With these incredible Disney-themed sewing tutorials, you can rock royal looks all year ’round. If the clothes make the man (or woman), then get ready to have society mistake you for a true princess! Go ahead and get Disney designing […]

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    Finding Dory Trailer Premieres and We’re Already Sobbing

    Where else would the trailer for Finding Dory premiere than on the Dory’s own show? Ellen DeGeneres, who voiced the forgetful fish in Finding Nemo and is reprising her role for the new film, debuted the new trailer on Wednesday during her show, and it’s appropriately enough about finding old memories. It looks like lots […]

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    23 Disney Characters Drawn Anime Style

    Ever wonder what would happen if east met west in the world of Disney? These artists did, drawing some of your favorite Disney characters in anime or manga style. Enjoy the skill on display — we’ll be over here hoping anime adaptations of Disney movies somehow become a thing. Aurora Artist Kurabayashi Matoni gives us […]

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    If Disney Princesses Had Instagram Accounts

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall… forget the fairest! Who is the selfiest of them all? I’ve often daydreamed about how interesting Instagram would be with the Disney Princesses to follow — luckily, we no longer have to imagine! Artists Simona Bonafini and Belinda Tan put together a realistic, magical glimpse into our favorite princesses and company […]