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    Unbelievably Unique, Beautiful Cocktails & How To Make Them!

    I’m always looking for an exciting new cocktail to make for my friends or to serve on girls’ night. I recently discovered the incredible blog called Beautiful Booze, by Natalie Migliarini, and she makes gorgeous and unbelievably unique cocktails that you are going to want to recreate! Read on for some recipes you can easily […]

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    The 9 Craziest Cases and Mods We Saw at Computex 2017

    So, I’m going to just head this off at the pass — I’m well aware of how many super rad case mods I missed at Computex this year. That’s either a testament to my bad eyesight or, more likely, that there are more totally sweet case mods on the show floor than can possibly be covered […]

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    Bose Has Created a DIY Speaker Cube to Help Kids Learn About Sound

    Here’s something unexpected — Bose has gotten on board with the maker movement to make an intuitive, educational product for kids in the form of a DIY speaker. The BoseBuild Speaker Cube comes disassembled, encouraging kids (and adults) to put together their own speaker, learning about just what makes a speaker a speaker in the process. […]

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    Ziro Literally Puts Control of Robots at Your Fingertips

    It’s a great time to be a robot builder. With prices of components like motors and microcontrollers plunging, hobbyists can build and program fun and simple robots without spending too much. Still, putting together the moving parts of a robot takes a fair bit of mechanical know-how, expertise, and a steady soldering hand — not necessarily welcoming […]

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    Want to Make Your Own Light-Up Sneakers? Here’s How!

    A quick Google search will tell you there’s no shortage of LED light sneakers out there, but why pay the premium? The wonderful DIY advisers at Adafruit have released a new video telling you how to take a pair of sneakers and give them some LED shine on the cheap. Adafruit laid out the plans […]

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    SimpliSafe 2 Review

    When you think of alarm systems, you usually think of professional installation. Sure, there are plenty of DIY home security systems out there, but most fall short of the ones with professional installation and service plans. But, alarm systems from the likes of ADT or Protect America are pricey. There are equipment and installation costs, […]