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    Pioneer XDJ-1000 DJ Controller Has Built-In Touchscreen Controls

    For a while, the trend in DJ controllers was to pair the physical device with a tablet app that enabled more mixing controls. Of course, most of those apps just ended up on the iPad, and while plenty of people have iPads, there are also plenty of people who do not have iPads. The Pioneer […]

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    Monster GO-DJ is First True Example of Swizz Beatz Partnership

    Well, it looks like we are starting to see the fruits of Swizz Beatz’s partnership with Monster. The famed DJ and music producer is definitely behind the latest offering from the Monster brand; the Monster GO-DJ. This portable DJ and music production machine means you can spin and produce music anywhere, at any time. The […]

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    Pioneer’s DDJ-SX-N Controller is Golden

    If you’re going to make it in the world of DJs, you’re going to have to be flashy. A golden controller helps with that. Pioneer has announced a brand new limited edition of their DDJ-SX controller, the gold-colored DDJ-SX-N. The controller eschews the old style of turntables for a completely digital approach. It has two […]