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    SqueakNSnap Tricks Your Dog Into Smiling For The Camera

    If you’ve ever gotten a family photo taken by a professional and had an uncooperative toddler in tow, you’ve surely experienced the squeaky toy/cute stuffed animal method of getting kids to make eye contact with the camera, if only for a second. That most advanced of camera technologies is finally trickling down to the rest […]

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    Fetch! App Tells You What Dog Breed You Look Like

    Maybe you love looking at your friends’ puppy photos on Facebook but don’t know your schnauzers from your dobermans — no need to worry, because Microsoft has your back. Microsoft Garage, the more experimental arm of the tech giant, has created an app called Fetch! that can identify dog breeds in pictures that you upload. […]

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    Winter Fashion Advice From Dogs

    You’ll be Dachshund through the snow like a pro with these winter fashion tips! Who knew dogs could serve double duty as your best friend and your fashion guru? You can thank us later for surviving this winter in style. Leather jacket, fur hat, and aviators? This combination screams chic while remaining practical, leaving you […]

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    48 Adorable Doggie Halloween Costumes – and One Lonely Cat

    If you’re a pet owner and you’re not getting your four-legged friend in on Halloween festivities, you’re missing out. Dogs are the ultimate Halloween accessories — they’re a blank, questionably willing canvas, and they’ll improve your costume by default just by being a dog in a costume. In need of some inspiration? Possibly the world’s […]

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    Dog Gets New Leash On Life Thanks to 3D Printed Legs

    If you need a respite from the endless torrent of bad news that is life on planet Earth, here’s something you can genuinely enjoy. 3D Systems recently made Derby the dog’s life by taking in the pup and, with a little 3D-printing know-how, got him walking and running for the first time. The Dodo has […]

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    This Dog Crate is Nice Enough For Me To Live In

    Got your order in on that $120,000 television? Perfect, now you can make sure your furry friend lives in just as much luxury as you do. Maricela Sanchez has designed some new dog crates, and they certainly aren’t eyesores. She’s designed some beautiful latticework dog crates that will actually add to the decor for once. […]

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    New Dog GPS Tracker is Perfect for Puppies

    Last year, BeLuvv came out with Guardian, a little gadget to help keep track of kids, keeping them safe and not lost. And puppies are kind of like kids! So, we now have Puppy. BeLuvv is taking the same basic tracking idea used in Guardian, and making it suitable for the canine world. Puppy is […]

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    New Study Reveals Dogs Excrete Along Earth’s Magnetic Field

    Hard-hitting science today, as the culmination of two years of scientists rigorously observing dogs urinate and defecate all over the place has resulted in conclusions that will rock the scientific community for years to come. Or, it’ll be science’s answer to Gangnam Style. Either way. Indeed, for two years, it was the job of some […]

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    Petzila Takes The Edge Off of Separation Anxiety

    All those of years of multiple companies developing home camera and audio recording systems has finally reached the ultimate endpoint. The summit has been reached. Thanks to Petzila, you can stay in touch with two-way communications between any of your devices and your home, at any time. Stay in touch with your dog, that is.

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    PETA OK with Dog Hair Dye Critter Colors

    Humans aren’t the sole purveyors of hair dyeing anymore – Critter Color is getting your pets (the furry ones, anyway) in on the fun. Critter Color is a new line of safe, wash-out hair (fur?) dyes for pets. You can rub the dye into the fur or dilute it and use it as a spray […]

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    iPhone App of the Week: Fitness Apps Go to the Dogs With MapMyDOGWALK

    It’s time to get Fido in on the fitness revolution. MapMyDOGWALK uses the iPhone’s GPS technology to track your dog walking path, while measuring calories burned, overall speed, time spent walking, and distance traveled. All data is uploaded to the user’s online account at MapMyWalk.com, where the route and exercise history can be reviewed. The […]

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    Dog Tags Go Hi-Tech With Lost & Found QR Codes

    There’s not much worse than the prospect of losing your best friend. But, dog tags can only carry so much information, and if your precious four-legged friend gets away from you, whoever finds her/him might not be able to get your pet back to you. Fortunately, technology is here to save the day (again).