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    Fetch My Keys is a Dog Shaped Key Finder

    Aren’t dogs supposed to fetch our keys and slippers? Yeah, well “supposed to” is the operative phrase in that sentence. Instead, they just demand for you play with them and get them fancy sweaters from Petco… or maybe that is just my dog.

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    Angry Birds Goes to the Dogs and Cats with Hartz Toys

    Truly, Rovio? Haven’t you brought enough havoc to humans with your darn Angry Birds game, why must you spread your addictive birds and pigs madness to our pets too! Yes, that’s right – those infamous Angry Birds are making their way to your dogs and cats. Hartz will be selling Angry Birds squeak toys,  plush […]

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    Windows Phone 7 App of the Week: Get a Canine Education With Dog-A-Pedia

    For those that don’t know their Yorkies from their Schnauzers, there is the Dog-A-Pedia App, available for free for Windows 7 phones. It’s a comprehensive guide to all the different dog breeds out there, from great to small. If you’re looking to get a new dog, but aren’t sure where to start, this might be […]

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    iPhone Dog Collar Charm is Ready for FaceTime

    Just because your furry little pal can’t actually use an iPhone, that doesn’t mean they can’t wear one around their neck. The iPhone Collar Charm is incredibly detailed and is available with two different pooches adorning it. However if you check out the details on the iPhone charm you will notice that it sports the […]

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    i-Dog Dance Unboxed and Doing the Twist

    There is a new i-Dog in town and he is bigger and badder than his older canine siblings. The new i-Dog Dance sports some new moves including the ability to stand on his hind legs when dancing. Out of the box he comes trained to obey eight commands, including “stay”, “stand” and “dance!” Give him […]