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    Dropcam App Gets Nest Integration, Lots of Passive Features

    At the beginning of this year, Google scooped up Nest, makers of one of the most popular smart thermostats on the market. In June, Nest scooped up Dropcam. Basically, everyone is part of Google, involved in all this. It’s all Google. But, for the end users, the important thing is that now, Dropcam and Nest […]

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    Dropcam Pro Takes Home Monitoring to the Next Level

    Dropcam is bringing you ever closer to going full NSA on your own home, offering up the Dropcam Pro, which features marked hardware and software upgrades over the Dropcam HD, which has now been renamed to Dropcam. The improvements make Dropcam Pro a pretty solid way to keep a constant, clear video stream of your […]

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    D-Link DCS-932L Home Surveillance Camera Takes a Stab at DropCam

    It’s no secret that we’re quite taken with Dropcam, a super simple home surveillance solution that lets you keep an eye on your home remotely without the need for a surveillance camera to be dependent on a PC. Well D-Link’s latest network camera, the D-Link DCS-932L looks to compete with Dropcam. Heck, the camera itself […]