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    Krimston Two is the Best Dual-SIM Product for an iPhone We’ve Seen Yet

    As great as the iPhone is, there have always been little design quirks that have annoyed us — the lack of wireless charging, the lack of premium display components (changing soon!), and, most of all, the lack of a dual-SIM option. We’ve seen dual-SIM solutions for the iPhone before, but they’ve been inelegant, to say the […]

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    Gmate Turns iPod Touch Into an iPhone, and iPhone to Dual SIM

    Skyroam’s Gmate is hardly the first sketchy product of its kind that we have come across to tout the ability to add dual SIM capabilities to the iPhone, but it is one of the more legit looking ones. Gmate is essentially an accessory that has two big capabilities. First it can transform your iPhone or […]

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    iPPeel Turns the iPhone 4 into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    We have seen our share of crazy and unique iPhone cases in our day, but the iPPeel takes the cake. But in many ways, the iPPeel is so much more than a case. What the iPPeel actually is, is a back cover for the iPhone 4 that houses a whole cell phone inside. Clasp it […]