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    DuckTales is Getting Funko Pop Figurines Ahead of the Premiere of the New Cartoon

    The new DuckTales series starting next month has everyone seeing gold! Funko is joining the party with their first set of DuckTales Pop vinyl figurines, featuring Scrooge, his grandnephews, and (in her new starring role) Webby! Judging from their outfits, it looks like Funko took more inspiration from the original series than the new one. Webby still has […]

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    Disney Reveals the New DuckTales Theme Song and a Premiere Date

    Excited for that star-studded new DuckTales series coming to Disney XD? Huey, Dewey, Louie, and, (we’re pretty psyched) Webby are only a few months away from their new adventures with Scrooge McDuck, and from the new intro, we can say we’re going to be right there with them. First of all, no, they didn’t mess with the […]

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    The Rest of the DuckTales Reboot Cast Has Been Revealed

    When we heard about the DuckTales reboot late last year, we were already pretty excited about David Tennant coming on as Scrooge McDuck — especially after he helped sing the theme song. We got a taste of the rest of the cast at that time, too, but this week Entertainment Weekly revealed the full cast ahead of the show’s […]

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    David Tennant Will Voice Scrooge McDuck, Helps Sing the Theme Song

    That’s Doctor Uncle Scrooge McDuck to you. Former Doctor Who star David Tennant is officially coming back to television, with the revelation that he’ll be voicing Scrooge McDuck in the new DuckTales cartoon set to premiere on Disney XD sometime next summer. From the announcement of the reboot last February to the first teaser a […]

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    DuckTales is Officially Coming Back to Television Next Summer

    Besides a brief meme appearance on ESPN earlier this year, DuckTales has been off the air since 1990, which is about 26 years too long. Disney is fixing that with a new series on Disney XD, and they finally dropped a short teaser yesterday. On top of that, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Scrooge McDuck will dive again starting […]

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    ESPN Makes an Apt Comparison Between Michael Phelps and DuckTales

    Michael Phelps’s Olympic swimming career is now (probably) over. With 23 gold medals (28 total), he’s the most decorated Olympian of all time by far, even breaking a 2,168-year old record for most individual victories (Leonidas of Rhodes had a good run). With all that gold around his neck, ESPN figured they’d make the best […]