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    Popslate e-Ink iPhone 6 Case Review

    Popslate is officially the coolest iPhone case on the market. Spawned from an [optimistic] Indiegogo over two years ago, the Popslate case for iPhone 6 is finally here, and wow, did it deliver! Popslate ingeniously adds a second always-on, display to the back of your iPhone. Think of it like a Kindle e-reader on the […]

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    Phosphor E Ink Digital Hour Clock Watch Review

    If you thought E Ink was only relegated to Ebooks, think again. Phosphor’s E Ink watch series is one of the first wrist watches to feature an E Ink display, which uses the same electronic paper display that you’ll find in the Kindle, Nook, and other  E-books. Phosphor’s E Ink watch series is also super […]