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    Will.i.am Teams Up with Beats by Dr. Dre for EKOCYCLE Recycled Headphones

    It’s amazing how much free time will.i.am has! As If he wasn’t busy enough helping Intel out, the music artist and producer is now helping the environment by collaborating with Coca-Cola and Beats by Dr. Dre with the launch of EKOCYCLE.  This stand-alone initiative is dedicated to encouraging recycling through products made in part from […]

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    Has Nasa Found Earth Part Deux in Kepler-22b?

    The universe is unfathomably large, so much so that you would think there are countless planets out there like our own, perfectly suited for supporting life. But, proof has been elusive – never before has there been confirmation of a planet other than our own in the habitable zone, the right distance that is neither […]

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    World’s Most Expensive Flip Flop Costs $18K

    Ok, so shoes may not technically be a gadget. But like gadgets, they are also a girl’s best friend. And this is why we have to talk about the world’s most expensive Flip Flop. This absurdly expensive pair of beach-friendly shoes are not Manolo Blahniks,  but they are actually from Chipkos and were hand-painted by […]

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    The 40th Anniversary of Earth Day is Here, Now What’s Next?

    Today marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. And for the first time in many years, people, as well as companies have been actually working hard to go green all year long, instead of just doing something special on Earth Day alone. For example, we have previously talked about gadgets or old computer parts being […]