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    GM Announces That it Will (Eventually) Only Make All-Electric Vehicles

    If you’re looking for even more proof that all-electric vehicles are the way of the future, here it is — one of the world’s biggest automakers has gone all-in on them. Yesterday, GM announced that they plan to move towards producing only all-electric vehicles while gradually phasing out diesel and gas power. It’s just going to […]

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    Toyota and Mazda Are Joining Forces to Develop Electric Vehicles

    You can tell we’re on the verge of a sea change in the automotive industry from the flurry of deals and partnerships — no one seems to be content to just keep doing what they’ve been doing. With Nissan, Tesla, and Chevrolet finally breaking through into the mainstream with their electric vehicles, few companies are going […]

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    Volvo Plans to Abandon All Gas-Only Cars by 2019

    The march toward mainstream electric cars has started to pick up, especially with more affordable all-electric options from Tesla, Chevrolet, and Nissan all on the market. The momentum is only going to pick up from here, with a lot of energy coming from European carmakers. The EU has ambitious climate goals for 2020, and that’s […]

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    Volkswagen is Making the Official Vehicle of Self-Discovery Electric

    Back before internet forums, the way people found themselves was within the confines of a rusted Volkswagen microbus, along with enough friends and strangers to guarantee sufficient money for gas. So, call the I.D. Buzz a sign of the times — Volkswagen’s new concept microbus doesn’t require gas or a driver. Someday the I.D. Buzz will […]

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    Ericsson Makes Charging the Electric Car Friendlier on the Wallet

    Thanks to a joint effort from Ericsson (not the bygone Sony Ericsson, just Ericsson), Volvo, Göteborg Energi, and Viktoria Institute, owners of electric cars might be able to breathe a little easier in the future. The new mobile technology from Ericsson adds more mobile connectivity to electric cars, allowing them to communicate in real-time with electric […]