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    Etsy Wants the Whole Craft Economy, Will Start Selling Craft Supplies

    Whenever they can, companies love to control more and more of the supply chain — Etsy is no different. Not content to corner the market in handmade goods, the site is now turning to craft supplies with their new store, Etsy Studio. Launching in the spring, Etsy Studio will stock craft supplies, along with tutorials and […]

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    This Octopus Backpack is Absolutely Terrifying

    How bad would your jump scare reaction be if you saw someone wearing this? If you’d rate your reaction in the accidentally jumping into traffic section of the scale, be warned — this hyper-realistic octopus backpack is all sold out, which means that some of them are prowling the streets on the backs of their willing […]

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    Hate Angry Birds? Beat this Angry Bird Piñata

    Frustrated with a level in Angry Birds? Or just hate Angry Birds in general? Well now you can take your frustrations out on an Angry Bird Pinata. That’s right some ingenious person over at etsy has created probably the most anger releasing and satisfying Piñata I have ever seen.

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    BoomCase by SiMo are Portable Speakers Made from Vintage Suitcases

    Speakers just don’t get any hipper or more vintage than this. The BoomCase by Mr. Simo are portable speaker systems made out of vintage suitcases. Sweet! These bad boys are self-powered and will work with your iPod/iPhone or any media device with a headphone jack. They can also be plugged in if your party is […]

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    1958 Arvin Radio is Converted into an iPod Dock

    iPod docks…they come in all shapes and sizes these days, but by far the most creative ones can always be found on Etsy. The latest is a 1958 Arvin Radio that has been converted into an iPod dock. The details on the dock are rather non-existent, and for $750, you would think the seller would […]