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    Wow, Facebook’s New Reactions Are Finally Here

    In what sort of looks like an effort to synergize with BuzzFeed, Facebook has taken its new Reactions out of beta testing. They’re rolling out worldwide starting this week, and if you’re a United States user, you’ve probably already noticed those new Reactions and been disappointed that there’s still no thumbs down. Last October, Facebook […]

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    Facebook Sneaks Chess Into Their Messenger App

    Facebook has been adding lots of fun stuff like gifs, payments, and stickers to Messenger over the last couple of years, but their latest addition is a little something they didn’t bother to tell anyone about. Today, word finally started spreading that Facebook added a text-based chess game right into messenger that you can play […]

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    WhatsApp Does Away With $0.99 Per Year Fee, Is Now Free to Use

    That nominal $0.99 per year fee for WhatsApp is coming to an end, with a blog post from WhatsApp today announcing that over the next month, they will start eliminating those yearly fees for everyone using their messaging app. In the blog post, the given reason was that many WhatsApp users don’t use credit or […]

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    You’ll Be Amused By This One Weird Facebook Trick

    Earlier today, The Hacker News discovered a kinda weird thing that happens on Facebook if you do something really obscure. According to the report, independent hacker Sachin Thakuri discovered that a bogus page displaying a fake life event can be generated by manipulating the URL of that event, which I guess could be used to […]

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    Cats From All Angles – Facebook Introduces 360-Degree Videos

    Cats, no matter where you look. This will be reality of your Facebook news feed soon, now that the social network has introduced 360-degree videos with the help of their pet acquisition, Oculus VR. Facebook made the announcement today, paired with a 360-degree video from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The video features Rey’s speeder jetting […]

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    Facebook Reaches 1 Billion User Milestone in a Single Day

    Facebook reached a new milestone this past Monday: 1 billion users logged onto the social network on the same day — the first time this has happened since the site was founded in 2004. Considering the fact that there are over 7 billion people on Earth, that’s essentially one in seven people on this planet […]

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    Are Floating Videos Coming to Your Facebook News Feed?

    Facebook’s addition of video was fine — autoplay, even with the sound off, was less desirable, mainly because of that one person who always posts awful videos (we all have one). But, maybe you watch those videos anyway, or maybe you have a counterbalancing person that posts awesome videos. If that’s the case, good news […]

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    Facebook Instant Articles Promises Faster News Reads

    If you have an iPhone, you can now start checking out more than just headlines from within the Facebook app. Alongside nine publishing partners, Facebook has introduced Instant Articles—full articles with interactive images and video that load instantly within the Facebook app, instead of kicking you out to a web browser. The idea is a […]

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    Facebook and Instagram Crack Down on Gun Sales

    Facebook and Instagram have, among other things, become prime targets for online sales, in both perfectly legitimate and highly questionable ways. Well, that’s not lost on Facebook, which today has provided a clarification and a few new policies about using Facebook and Instagram as your own personal marketplace. The announcement mostly deals with either illegal […]

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    Facebook Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

    Today’s a big day for the Internet. You might have been tipped off by the proliferation of retrospective videos popping up from Facebook friends, but today marks 10 years of Facebook, which has grown from “It’s not MySpace!” to a massive, publicly traded company so powerful that the government goes to them for intelligence. No […]

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    HTC First Review – A Phone for Facebook Addicts Only

    HTC First might be its official name, but it is really the “Facebook phone” that we all have been waiting for. An exclusive device on AT&T, HTC First is the first smartphone to come preloaded with Facebook Home. Facebook Home overlays Android with a Facebook centric user experience. Gone are the traditional Android home screens […]

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    Rumor Has it: Facebook HTC Phone Launching Next Week

    The Facebook Phone rumor mill has kicked up once more, and this time the focus is on an upcoming event to be held by Facebook on April 4. The invitation, which says “Come See Our New Home on Android,” is thought by some to indicate that a new phone made in part by Facebook is […]

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    Facebook News Feed Get a New Look

    Changes are coming to Facebook, and as far as facelifts go, this is a big one. The functionality of Facebook won’t change too much, but what you see will be much different. Pictures and stories on your news feed will appear much larger than before, and in richer color. The chat bar will be taken […]