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  • Win the Karotz Smart Internet Rabbit for Easter!

    We have been eyeing the adorable Karotz for years – ever since it was first announced! In a world of Smart devices, the Karotz makes for one adorable Smart Rabbit Robotic companion. In particular, Karotz claims to be the world’s first intelligent internet companion. However, Karotz is actually a descendant of the Nabaztag internet-connected rabbits […]

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    Viddy Comes to Facebook’s Timeline Apps Platform

    You’ve probably heard this enough times to stop believing it by now, but eventually, Facebook’s Timeline interface will be rolled out for all accounts, whether you opt for the change or not. With that assurance and the account conversions that have already taken place have come droves of apps designed just for the new platform. […]

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    David Choe Might Become The Richest Graffiti Artist in the World

    When graffiti artist David Choe was commissioned to decorate the walls of a fledgling tech company called Facebook, he didn’t think much of it, describing the social media website as, “ridiculous and pointless.” Despite that, he must have thought the company was sensible enough to warrant keeping the thousands of shares of the company he […]

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    Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera Uploads Photos for You

    Despite rumors of Kodak planning on filing for bankruptcy, the company has announced two new innovative imaging products at CES, including the Kodak EASYSHARE M750. Everyone hates wires, and fortunately, the new Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera is all about cutting the chords. This wireless camera has built-in Wi-Fi sharing that makes it super easy to […]

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    You’ll Like These Thumbs Up Facebook Cufflinks

    It appears cufflinks have no bounds anymore. What was once considered a traditional finishing touch to a man’s outfit, is now just an extension of his personality. There are Star Wars cufflinks, USB cufflinks and various other types to show your less than executive side. So why not pick a pair of cufflinks that shows […]

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    Psychology of Facebook: The Facebook Self vs. The Real Self

    The term 7 degrees of separation was once bandied around as a way of showing how most people are 7 connections away from any other person in the world. The advent of Facebook has made this figure shrink to a scary 4 degrees of separation, but is being this connected to people really such a […]

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    Craig & Karl Profile Mark Zuckerberg on Wearable T-Shirt Magazine

    Innovation comes in unlikely packages – that’s almost a requisite for innovation itself. So, T-Post set out to innovate in the magazine world, not by going online or sticking with print, but with giving people t-shirts. Every month, subscribers receive a t-shirt with an article on the inside, and a graphic image on the front […]

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    iPad App of the Week: Facebook for the iPad

    After all the leaks, rumors, and whispers, iPad owners can finally get their hands on a Facebook app for their tablets. The Facebook App for the iPad is available now for free, and brings an experience similar to that of the iPhone’s version to the bigger tablet screen. The user interface is similar to the […]

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    Facebook Friends Poster – Like!

    So how many Facebook friends do you have? 100? 1500? 20? Well no matter the number, they are your friends for a reason. So wouldn’t it be nice to show them off on a poster?  The Facebook Friends Poster lets you see every one of your friend’s Facebook profile pictures at once!  So you can […]

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    Enrique Iglesias Likes How it Feels in CityVille

    Not that CityVille (population approx. 69 million) needed a hero, but it’s getting one anyway. Latin music icon Enrique Iglesias will soon be a virtual, Zynga-fied icon that CityVille players can interact with between October 4th and October 10th. Unless you’re under level 6, that is. Enrique’s a global phenomenon. He doesn’t have time for […]

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    Huawei Discovery Expedition Phone is Waterproof and Facebook Friendly

    Does anyone even care about dumbphones (non-smartphones) anymore? Well Huawei seems to think so, because they have just deemed up with Discovery to Huawei Discovery Expedition mobile phone. The phone takes cues from Discovery’s heritage and is designed to  be both water proof and dust proof, and shock resistant. This is a phone that Huawei […]

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    U.K. Considers Blocking Twitter and BBM During London Riots

    It seems that the rioters in London, have been actively using BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to communicate with one another. Now, the U.K. prime minister, David Cameron, is considering blocking popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook – along with popular messaging services like BBM, in order to help curb the communication between rioters. Cameron says […]

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    Move Over Lady Gaga, Rihanna is the New Queen of Facebook

    Within the last hour or so, Rihanna has successfully pushed Lady Gaga off of her thrown as the queen of Facebook. Rihanna has now managed to edge past Gaga with a growing fan base of about 100,000 fans per day. Currently both stars have around 40.5 million fans. There is only one person who stands […]

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    Israel Uses Facebook to Ban Activists from Entering the Country

    This past week Israeli authorities have banned over 130 pro-Palestinian activists from entering the country. But perhaps the most interesting part of this story is that Israeli authorities actually took to Facebook and Twitter to help determine who these activists were. A black list of 340 protesters were compiled based on public data that can […]

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    Facebook Adds Video Calling Feature with Skype

    As if we needed yet another reason not to ever log off of Facebook, Facebook has just partnered with Skype for video calls. That means that you can now have video chats with your friends, right from within Facebook. This is a partnership that makes a lot of sense for both parties. For starters, it […]

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    Social Media Citation Pad Punishes Bad Facebook Behavior

    Your Facebook friend just invited you to play Poker for the 6th time that week. Another Twitter user that you follow doesn’t stop tweeting about what they just ate for lunch. Your other Facebook friend just uploaded a picture of you wasted, and tagged you in it. These are just some examples of social networking […]

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    AT&T’s HTC Status is the ChaCha Facebook Phone Rebranded

    We first spotted the HTC ChaCha back at MWC in February and were instantly quite taken with it. That is because the ChaCha isn’t just a “Facebook” phone, it’s really a BlackBerry competitor too. Well Europe has had the ChaCha available for a while now, and AT&T is finally ready to bring it to our […]