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    We’re Currently Crushing On These Monogram iPhone Cases!

    Spring is here, and you should celebrate and treat yourself with one of these iPhone cases from Manhattan designer Bre Avery! Her latest collection called the Monogram Bar is affordable, fun, and entirely customizable! Featuring palm trees, macaroons, and stars to name a few of the catchy designs, we can’t help but currently crush on these. Every […]

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    Find Out Why This Is The Trashiest Tee Ever Made

    At first glance, this definitely doesn’t look like the trashiest tee you have ever seen, does it? Take a good look. Ok, look closer. Still don’t see why this is the trashiest tee ever made? Let me show you why this is the trashiest tee ever…

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    Get Excited! Felix Gray Is Now Making Rx Blue Light Filtering Lenses

    Felix Gray, one of our favorite creators of beautiful computer glasses, just introduced Rx blue light filtering lenses! Felix Gray was created to combat digital strain on your eyes, and here at Chip Chick we love them for their innovative and gorgeous designs. It’s exciting to hear they now will be offering solutions for prescription […]

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    5 Wearables You Will Actually Want To Wear As Jewelry

    There are plenty of wearables out there that look, well, like a wearable. I much prefer an activity tracker or device to look like a piece of jewelry that I would pick out for myself and actually wear. Your money goes a lot further when you choose to spend it on something you will definitely […]

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    One of the Hottest New Supermodels on Instagram Isn’t a Real Person

    When we considered what jobs are most likely to be replaced by robots, we did not include supermodels. Technically, we’re still in the clear — this digital Instagram supermodel isn’t a robot, but she’s certainly not a real human, either! Shudu is the creation of photographer Cameron James-Wilson, and she’s been brought to life with computer-generated graphics. […]

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    Why I Blow All My Money On Herve & How To Get One For Less Than 1K

    If you have never slipped into a bandage dress, I guarantee you have at least seen one in the media. With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton, and Katy Perry among their client list, Herve Leger is quite well known and their reputation has been built upon their signature bandage dress. The average price […]

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    Disney Goes Gatsby in This Jazzy Fan Art Series of Flappers

    The Jazz age! The age of the cigarette smoking, car driving, cool-as-hell flapper, a fashion and empowerment icon for women the country over. Artist HelleeTitch figured she’d see how a handful of women who didn’t get to experience the Roaring ’20s would look in full Flapper style — the women of Disney! Check out her series below, […]

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    Kate Spade & Keds Launch Wedding Sneakers

    Isn’t it every girl’s dream to be able to wear something chic, yet comfortable? I know it’s mine! I also know I’m already fretting about how much my feet will be killing me on my wedding day. Tottering around on a pair of stilettos isn’t the image of grace I imagine. Cue Kate Spade & […]

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    We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Bre Avery iPhone Cases!

    It’s that time of year to feel the love, and whether you need a gift for a loved one or would like to treat yourself, these iPhone cases from Manhattan designer Bre Avery have you covered. Her Valentine’s Day collection is affordable, refreshing, and eye-catching! Featuring bold colors, vibrant prints, and fresh takes on traditional […]

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    Melania Trump’s Most Stylish Outfits That Will Make You Want To Blow A Hole In Your Wallet

    Michelle Obama left some big heels for Melania Trump to fill in regards to style. Check out the current First Lady’s carefully curated wardrobe below. Her husband sure leaves everything to be desired, but her closet has a lot of desirable outfits! This former model strikes us with sartorial envy. Modern Cardigan I’m sure your Grandma still rocks a […]

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    These 22 Pieces of Circuit Board Jewelry are the Future of Fashion

    Ever notice the beauty of a circuit board? Probably not. However, Circuit Breaker Labs has elevated that rusty old circuit board from the trash heap to upcycled magic. Each circuit board jewelry piece includes cutouts from real boards that are encased with resin to both protect the circuitry underneath and give it a new vibrancy. […]

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    23 Incredible Disney Inspired Earrings Fit for a Princess (or Villain)

    These 23 Disney-themed earrings capture the magic of childlike imagination — call it a rebellion against your everyday adult clothes! We all may be used to dressing like a grownup, but we can’t forget what makes the little kid in us happy. Tinker Bell Swarovski Crystal Earrings Tink had that special spark that won Peter’s heart, and these […]

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    Gird Your Loins: Teva and Crocs Have Collaborated on a Shoe

    It really is amazing when a shoe develops its own persona. We associate Christian Louboutins with a certain type of person, Uggs with another (definitely the people that love Pumpkin Spice Lattes), but nothing really beats Crocs. With one wearing of Crocs you tell the world, ‘I don’t care how ugly my shoes are. I […]