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    Fitbit Blaze Review, The Best Fitbit Tracker Yet

    Fitbit is back and better than ever with their new Fitbit Blaze smartwatch. The Blaze boasts a vibrant high-resolution touchscreen, sleep tracking, automatic exercise recognition and tracking, and more. We got to explore the ins and outs of the Blaze and here is what we found. The Look The Fitbit Blaze most resembles the Apple Watch in […]

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    Withings Activité Steel Review

    With their Activité line of fitness trackers, Withings has taken a very different sort of approach toward wrist-worn wearables. Rather than rely on LCD or e paper displays, Withings has instead built regular, stylish analog watches first, adding light fitness tracker functionality on top of that. The result is, in theory, ideal for anyone concerned […]

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    Timex Latest Watch Doubles as a Fitness Tracker and We Approve

    Last year, Timex became one of many traditional watchmakers to jump into wearable technology, releasing the Ironman One GPS+ in partnership with Qualcomm. That watch ended up being a tough sell — it was a standalone device that uploaded data to an app over a 4G connection, meaning it wasn’t a smartphone companion and couldn’t […]

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    Basis Peak Goes High-End with Luxury Titanium Edition

    Prospective and current owners of the Basis Peak fitness tracker have reason to get excited this week, as Basis has announced a new luxury model along with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit integration. As of this week, you can now purchase a limited edition titanium Basis Peak which, in addition to looking a lot classier […]

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    Pivotal Tracker 1 is a $12 Fitbit Alternative

    There are so many fitness trackers now, I hesitate to make any statements with complete certainty because for all I know, there’s some plastic dreck being sold at a flea market somewhere for three bucks. But, I’ll say with a fair amount of confidence that at $12, the Pivotal Tracker 1 (previously the Life Tracker […]

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    FitBit Charge Activity and Sleep Wristband Review

    The holidays are around the corner and fitness devices are going to sell like hotcakes. Luckily, Fitbit recently released one of the best fitness monitors out there: the Fitbit Charge Activity and Sleep Wristband. The Fitbit Charge combines the best features available on the market: all day comfort, a week long battery, built-in display with […]

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    Microsoft Enters the Wonderful World of Fitness Trackers

    Everyone else is doing it, so Microsoft following suit was just a matter of course. The inevitable Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health app are available today, as Microsoft rolls out its own fitness tracking platform. Microsoft Band is the fitness tracker, a thin black band with a touch display that looks like a shrunk-down Lumia, […]

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    Misfit Flash is a Budget Fitness Tracker Everyone Can Afford

    Misift’s latest fitness tracker is looking to compete on price, and with a $50 price tag, it’s going to be a formidable opponents to a lot of budget-priced competitors. The Misfit Flash ditches the stylish metal body of the Misfit Shine for brightly colored plastic. Other than that, there’s not too much of a difference […]

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    Jawbone UP Updates Takes Your Next Meal to New Heights

    Fitness trackers and their apps to a great job of logging data like steps taken. Logging meal data, on the other hand, has been more of a side dish, mostly because it’s not automatic and most people probably aren’t going to take the time to log every single thing they eat manually. But, new updates […]

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    Withings Activité is the Rolex of Wearables

    Withings may have just shown everyone who is boss when it comes to smart timepieces. But first we need to give credit where it’s due – to that effect, Withings has been in the “smart” game for some time now. They were actually creating smart health devices before there was Fitbit and every other Joe […]

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    Red Fitbit Does its Part for Healthy Hearts

    For the month of May, Fitbit is selling their Fitbit Flex in bright red. A limited edition bright red version of something usually seems to mean a good cause is involved, and the red Flex is no different – Fitbit is working with the American Heart Association to support Go Red for Women, a movement […]

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    This iPhone Case Might Just Save Your Life

    Given how expensive it can be to have even the most basic tests done at the doctor’s office, it’s always nice to see new ways to knock the basics out on your own. Few have made that work as simply and comprehensively as Wello, a new smartphone case that contains some pretty sophisticated sensors. This […]