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    Fitbit Intros the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

    Look out Withings, your fancy scale is about to become obsolete with the arrival of Fitbit’s debut of the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale.  That’s right at CES 2012 Fitbit introduced Aria, a new high-end performance scale, that will wirelessly track your weight, BMI and % body fat over time. Much like Fitbit revolutionized digital […]

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    Sportiiiis Glasses Keeps You Informed During Excercise

    4iiii Innovations released Sportiiiis, pronounced Sport-Eyes (obviously), an audio/visual feedback system that attaches to sport eyewear and provides athletes with real-time visual feedback of their performance data. If athletes don’t mind an accessory to their glasses this close to their eye, they can maximize the benefits of their workout by receiving up to the moment […]

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    Withings Smart Baby WiFi Scale Will Annoy Facebook Friends

    Withings, a company that lives by their mantra “Smarter Devices, Healthier Lifestyles,” has just announced their internet connected Baby and Toddler Scale. The Smart Baby Scale uses bluetooth, WiFi, and even the new low energy Bluetooth Smart to connect to your computer, iOS device, and the cloud to monitor and track your child’s growth. Similar […]

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    Iqua Beat is Ready to Feel the Rhythm of Your Heart

    It looks like CES 2012 is going to be pushing the fitness products big time and this new gadget from Iqua is the latest to help you get in shape. Iqua Beat tracks your heart rate, calorie consumption, steps, and distance traveled all the while providing audio encouragement and guidance as you work out. The […]

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    Sports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Review

    Technology makes life easy; sometimes too easy. It’s time we use technology to fight our laziness and raise the bar with exercising. The Sports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor is a perfect example of using technology to promote activity and health. The Heart Rate Monitor wirelessly connects to Android phones and provides accurate real-time heart […]

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    FitBit Ultra Review

    How far do you walk in a day? Who knows!? Surely your regular everyday movement counts as some form of exercise, but you probably have no idea if you’re walking one mile a day or ten miles. Sure, there’s the classic pedometer, but now there’s something better, sleeker, more accurate, informative, and dare we say […]

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    Get Inspired for the 2012 NYC Marathon with These Gadgets

    Disappointed you couldn’t participate in the NYC 2011 marathon this year? Well there is no reason you can’t next year! That’s right, these 5 gadgets should get you in tip top shape for next year’s 26.2 mile marathon. In the meantime take a look at the marathon route at the bottom of the page if […]

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    Striiv Review – Make Counting Steps Fun!

    Pedometers abound in plenty. Sure, they are fun for about a week, but it wears off. This is not the case with Striiv. At the heart of this gadget is positive reinforcement and many rewards, something we all could probably use more of when it comes to fitness. By using unique Trumotion technology, Striiv can […]

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    PowerBIKE Vibrates Away Your Calories

    It isn’t all that difficult to figure out how to make an exercise bike more entertaining. After all, all you have to do is throw on a display for videos, and it’s all set. That said, coming out with a way to make an exercise bike more challenging is quite a bit more tricky. But […]

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    Hands-on with MOTOACTV (Photos) – Watch Out Nano 6G!

    Take Nike Plus, the iPod Nano 6G, and those Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watches from a few years back, and behold – you have the concept behind the MOTOACTV. This device is being described as a “a lightweight, wearable fitness performance tracker and smart music player rolled into one”. It’s not the typical product that you […]

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    NewYu Fitness Monitor Knows When You’re Slacking Off

    There are more and more fitness products coming out everyday. And let’s face it, they all pretty much do the same thing – and that is to monitor how many calories you’re burning. Fortunately, the new NewYu Fitness monitor with some neat tricks up its sleeves. For starters, it’s not only able to monitor how […]

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    EA Sports Active 2 for Wii Review

    As I write this review my muscles ach intensely, simple task such as preparing my morning bowl of cereal have become much harder and require more focus then usual. This isn’t because I was beat up or because I did intense lifting at the gym. It’s because I decided to play EA Sports Active 2 […]

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    i-dration Drinks Bottle Reminds You When To Drink

    Set to be revealed at CES 2011, the i-Dration drinks bottle is a device that works in synchronization with a smartphone. The idea here is that the device’s app is able to encourage athletes to drink when they need to, rather than just when they feel thirsty. This is important because it turns out that […]