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    The Outdoors Are Getting A Whole Lot More Exciting This Summer With These Gadgets & Products!

    Summer and getting to spend time outdoors go hand in hand. Chip Chick partnered up with Babbleboxx to talk about a whole bunch of wonderful gadgets and products that will help the outdoors be a whole lot more exciting this summer for you! AfterShokz Trekz Air Open-Ear Headphones The AfterShokz Trekz Air Open-Ear Headphones are going […]

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    The Most Fun Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy For $35 Or Less

    Here at Chip Chick, we consider Bluetooth speakers one of the essentials. It’s a gadget we bring everywhere with us; on vacation, to the office, to a weekend at the pool. You name the event, chances are good we have brought along a Bluetooth speaker. Why? They’re portable, functional, and turn everything into a good […]

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    10 Futuristic Gadgets You & Your Dog Will Love

    Here at Chip Chick, we love gadgets and we love dogs! The future is here, because we found ten futuristic gadgets you and your dog will love. From gadgets to help making feeding easier to play time more fun, check them out below! Is it an egg? A space pod? No, it’s a high tech […]

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    This Is One Super Stylish Powerbank You Need To Check Out

    I know, I know, powerbanks are a dime a dozen! One that you really need to check out though is the super stylish PowerCard by Xoopar (I hear you, that’s a tongue twister! You pronounce it: Zoo-par). Why is this such an innovative powerbank? First off, just take a look at the photos below. This […]

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    10 Gadgets Every Dog Mom Needs

    Technology is truly incredible, because there are a lot of innovative products on the market today to help simplify your life and enrich the way you live. Well, technology is not just for humans! We found some of the best gadgets every dog mom needs. Not only will these gadgets make your life easier, they […]

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    Gorgeous Gold Tech Gadgets We Can’t Get Enough Of

    Gorgeous Gold Tech Gadgets We Can’t Get Enough Of Gold never goes out of style, and our roundup of these gorgeous gold tech gadgets are just what you need in your life! We think gold is the perfect touch to making gadgets a little more stylish and fun. We can’t get enough of these gadgets, […]

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    Green Gadgets & Gifts To Help You Celebrate St. Patty’s Day

    We have a roundup of green gadgets and gifts to help you celebrate St. Patty’s Day in style! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!   Palms Emerald iPhone Case The Palms Emerald iPhone Case is green, stylish, and a perfect way to dress up your iPhone! BreAvery.com – $37 As Chip Chick editors, we write about products […]

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    7 Greener Gadgets and Services For Saving the Environment

    This week is officially the Greenest week of the year for us. On Wednesday we headed over to the Greener Products Expo to scope out the latest tech to help you keep stay environmentally aware. And today, there is the Greener Gadgets Conference in New York, and to kick it all off we’re giving away […]

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    Vivienne Tam’s Fall 2009 Collection Preview – Updated

    We might not be a fashion blog, but we enjoyed attending Vivienne Tam’s (Fashion Week) Fall 2009 Collection Preview tonight in New York. So what was Chip Chick doing at a fashion show you ask? HP brought together a group of women bloggers (and some guys too!) to come and experience Vivienne’s signature style in […]

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    Comic-Con ’09 – Great Costumes, Cool Software, No Gadgets

    We headed over to this weekend’s Comic-Con ’09 at the Javitz Center in New York, in search of some gadgetry. Unfortunately we were rather disappointed by the gadget turn out, granted it is a convention centered on Comics, Manga and other geeky stuff – But we figured we’d find something tech-worthy. Regardless, we can’t help […]

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    Tec Touch iPod Gloves Keep Your Hands Toasty When Using Gadgets

    180S’s Tec Touch gloves aren’t the first iPod gloves we’ve ever come across. You might even remember TavoProduct’s iPod (and iPhone) compatible gloves from a while back. However the Tec Touch gloves seem like they are significantly warmer then TavoProducts pair. Tec Touch are designed with gel pads that have been placed on the forefinger […]

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    E-Tracker I.D. Recovers Your Lost Gadgets and Rewards the Finders

    Albeit not the first company to offer a lost and found service for electronics, E-Tracker I.D. is a worthy service to consider, especially since it offers incentives for finders – which in turn makes it more likely that your gadget will be returned. Statistics report that 12,000 laptops are lost every week in the U.S.! […]

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    Cardo S-2 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

    I rarely use Bluetooth headsets, I don’t care for them really since they are always in one ear and tend to fall out of it regardless of the design.  However when I got a chance to review the Cardo S-2 Stereo Bluetooth Headset, I was more enticed by the fact it actually resembled a a […]

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    GelaSkins for the iPhone and Macbook Review

    What makes GelaSkins different than other companies offering skins for your gadgets? Gelaskins collection is made up of exclusive art by unique artists – you’re not going to find something ordinary like a leopard print or a plain solid color or even a pop icon like Homer Simpson. Instead GelaSkins offers a selection of unique […]

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    Belkin’s Energy Collection Backpack Review

    Belkin’s new Energy Collection Backpack has been designed in mind for those looking for a lightweight backpack for carrying their laptop that is still tough enough to withstand the riggers of day to day traveling. Design: The design of the Backpack is modern but minimalist, which can be said about much of Belkin’s laptop accessories. […]