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    This Case Disguises Your iPhone 6 as a Galaxy S5

    Over the past few years, the View Flip Cover has probably been more representative of the Galaxy S than whatever plastic shell Samsung has happened to use. Makes sense, because Samsung sells the cases themselves, and the cases are pretty useful in their own right, protecting the screen while giving you time and notifications at […]

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    Mophie Juice Pack Doubles the Battery Life of the Galaxy S5

    Samsung thinks the Galaxy S5’s battery life is good enough that it can act as a portable battery pack for another device, but chances are things aren’t going to shake out that way most of the time. Fortunately, if you do push your S5’s battery to the limit on a daily basis, Mophie has finally […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Active


    Galaxy S5 Active is Ready to Break a Sweat, Lands at AT&T

    The Galaxy S series isn’t just made up of one flagship device anymore. Samsung has all kinds of offshoots, perhaps most notably the Active smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy S Active phones tend to be more rugged than the stock flagship device, usually at the expense of some high-end specs. Looks like that’s changing this time around.

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    10 Surprise Freebies You Get with the Samsung Galaxy S5

    You’ve probably heard loads by now about why Samsung’s self-styled Next Big Thing is the next big thing. The Samsung Galaxy S5 itself is one of the top phones on the market – there’s a reason Samsung has been leading in United States smartphone sales lately. The specs were talked up, but the Galaxy Perks […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Review in 11 Memes

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 for AT&T has finally arrived and it’s sure to be one of the hottest smartphones of 2014. But what makes it so hot? What are the features of the Galaxy S5 that you won’t want to miss? We break it down for you in 10 memes. Selective focus for DSLR-like shots, […]