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    Germany is Attempting to Make Fake News Illegal

    Facebook and Twitter might want to invest in some moderators soon — if a new bill passes through Germany’s legislative branch, the sites would be required to delete posts deemed to spread fake news or incite hate. Ideas for the bill have been under discussion since last year, with a finalized version arriving this week. What’s […]

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    Germany Debuts Largest Flashlight Ever!

    Anyone need a light? Well, not in Germany where they have just revealed the largest ever flashlight. So much so that it was just entered into the Guinness Book of Records. So who in their right mind would make such an enormous beam of light? An LED metal flashlight company of course.

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    Man Saved from Drowning by a Webcam Viewer

    Webcams set up in tourist spots are relatively common nowadays, but a webcam installed near the sea in St. Peter-Ording in Germany, ended up saving a man’s life when a webcam watcher noticed the man calling for help out on the frozen water. The man, a tourist in his forties, had headed out onto the […]