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    Holiday Gift Guide 2012: For Kids

    Your kids get up at the crack of dawn and rouse you out of bed. Tell me one other day out of the year when that happens. The holidays are, bar none, the most important time of the year for kids. They define the coming year in terms of the currency of childhood – toys. Most of […]

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    Holiday Gift Guide 2012: For Her

    When it comes time for the holidays, the pressure is on to impress those special ladies in your life. Could be your mom, your girlfriend, your sister, or your wife – whoever it is, you’re going to want to give something special. Gadgetry should do the trick – whether it’s your mother who just found […]

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    Holiday Gift Guide 2012: For the Geek Who Has Everything

    You have to get them something. But, it’s not easy, shopping for someone who has pretty much every gadget you can think of, plus a bunch more you never knew existed. Now, the obvious answer to this dilemma is the gift card. Unfortunately, giving a gift card is tantamount to admitting defeat. You’re giving the […]

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    4 Hot Holiday Technology Gifts and Trends for Her

    When it comes to shopping for tech gifts, in some ways, this holiday season might be the most difficult season ever! That is because with a plethora of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices having been released in 2012, the sheer amount of gadgets to choose from is exceptionally overwhelming this year. With that said, […]

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    Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Traveling Executives Edition

    The airplane – the second home of businessmen and travelers. Of course, it doesn’t feel like home when you have a suitcase that weighs about half of what you do ready to crush you when it comes tumbling out of the overhead compartment. Heavy burdens are the mortal enemies of the mobile – this holiday […]

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    Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Stocking Stuffers

    Sometimes, it’s the little extras that make the holiday season really shine. Unless you’re going to a coal mine to do your stocking stuffer shopping, check out our list of the best bite-sized gadgets out this holiday season. Granted, most tech gifts probably could fit in a stocking these days. Just go with us on […]