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    Google and IMAX Might Bring VR to Movie Theaters

    VR at the movies? With Facebook’s professional 360-degree camera design schematics and Vuze’s affordable semi-pro 360-degree camera, lots of tools have been developed to make new and very exciting VR experiences for all those new headsets. But, if you’re wondering where your future VR summer blockbuster will come from, look no further than Google. In a […]

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    There May Soon Be Career Women Emojis

    There are some days where a dancing lady emoji, a glass of wine emoji and the pizza emoji are all you need to describe your feelings. But at other times it would be great to have more options especially when it comes to the depictions of women and their occupations. Well, don’t worry. Google is […]

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    Google is Bringing Free Wi-Fi Access to Cuba

    As we learned a couple years ago when President Obama first moved to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba, most of the country lacks an internet connection. There’s been plenty of talk over the intervening years of several technology and telecommunications companies jumping in to take advantage of a potential new market. It sounds like talk […]

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    Star Wars Comes to Virtual Reality

    Ahead of the release of The Force Awakens next month, Google, Verizon, and ILMxLAB (a collaboration between Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic, and Skywalker Sound) are teaming up for a prologue like no other — one to be experienced in virtual reality. No one involved has disclosed much about what the VR experience will entail, […]

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    5 Things From Google’s Press Conference We’re Excited About

    Google had one of their many days in the sun today, announcing new devices and software updates that should keep us busy in the year to come. And, while there’s nothing earth-shattering here, there are a lot of little tweaks and improvements (and some disappointments) worth checking out if you’re locked in to the Android […]

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    You Don’t Urinate on a Google Map and Expect to Get Away with it

    Since 2008, you could use Google Map Maker to submit your own edits to Google Maps. Because Google Maps is not currently covered by roads contorted into shapes that I’ll leave to your imagination, you can conclude that Google wisely implemented some sort of approval and moderation process for those crowdsourced edits. Well, they had […]

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    Google Announces Project Fi, Their Own Wireless Service

    Google is ready to take over yet another part of your life—your phone number. Today, Google announced Project Fi, making them the nation’s newest wireless carrier. It’s going to be a limited rollout, with service only being extended to Nexus 6 owners for now. According to Google’s blog post, that’s because Nexus 6 is the […]

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    Google Celebrates Lollipop With “L” Rejects

    As we now know, Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming very soon, first on the new Nexus 6. The OS update will feature new notifications that can pop up on your lock screen or within other apps without interrupting whatever you’re doing. It’ll also introduce Material Design, which is a succinct way of saying new fonts […]

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    Dropcam App Gets Nest Integration, Lots of Passive Features

    At the beginning of this year, Google scooped up Nest, makers of one of the most popular smart thermostats on the market. In June, Nest scooped up Dropcam. Basically, everyone is part of Google, involved in all this. It’s all Google. But, for the end users, the important thing is that now, Dropcam and Nest […]

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    Google Street View Takes You Under the Sea

    The little yellow Google Street View dude must have picked up some scuba gear last week. If you throw him into the depths around Half Moon Caye in Belize or Tubbataha in the Philippines, you’ll get a glimpse of the grandeur of some of the most beautiful – and endangered – sites the world has […]

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    Samsung Chromebook 2 Series Takes Cues from the Galaxy Note 3

    Samsung has just announced a brand-new set of Chromebooks. The Chromebook 2 series will feature 11.6” and 13.3” Chromebooks with some pretty impressive specs, including a 1080p display on the larger one. With the new series, Samsung is trying to secure their lead in the United States Chromebook game, and it looks like they’re doing […]

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    Google Makes Chrome Even More Alluring with LEGO Extension

    The LEGO movie is coming out next week, and to celebrate, Chrome has a new app that will pretty much guarantee that you will get absolutely no work done for the foreseeable future. Google is opening up Build With Chrome, which turns the entire world into a LEGO playset. If you let the web app […]

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    Inrix Traffic App Puts Google Glass Behind the Wheel

    Inrix is looking to corner the market on traffic information by updating their app, slashing the price, and even getting out a working version of the app on the upcoming Google Glass. The Inrix Traffic App can actually be had for free, with pretty robust functionality. In just the free version, you’ll get personalized traffic […]