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    Green Gadgets & Gifts To Help You Celebrate St. Patty’s Day

    We have a roundup of green gadgets and gifts to help you celebrate St. Patty’s Day in style! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!   Palms Emerald iPhone Case The Palms Emerald iPhone Case is green, stylish, and a perfect way to dress up your iPhone! BreAvery.com – $37 As Chip Chick editors, we write about products […]

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    Philips SlimStyle is a Downright Anorexic Lightbulb

    Starting next year, Philips’ LED light bulbs are going to be cutting back on the fat. Their new SlimStyle light bulbs are going to be thinner than ever – which, in turn, will cut some extra weight off your electricity bill. The SlimStyle bulbs, which are the equivalent of 60W bulbs, eliminate the need for […]

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    HGTV Smart Home 2013 Debuts with ADT Pulse Lighting the Way

    We’ll be the first to admit that we’re a crazy bunch of HGTV addicts. Between Property Brothers, and House Hunters International, that channel has us glued. And this year, HGTV’s new Smart Home has us more captivated then ever before. That is because the dream home that HGTV is giving away, is right up our […]

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    Flower Power Chargers from Osungo Love Energy Efficiency

    Osungo makes war, not love on standby power usage, in style with these decorative and energy efficient chargers. The floral petal top acts both as an attractive cover and an easy way to wind up cords and prevent tangle. Standby mode power consumption sits at less than 5mV for 1A voltage with only 10mV for […]

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    Will.i.am Teams Up with Beats by Dr. Dre for EKOCYCLE Recycled Headphones

    It’s amazing how much free time will.i.am has! As If he wasn’t busy enough helping Intel out, the music artist and producer is now helping the environment by collaborating with Coca-Cola and Beats by Dr. Dre with the launch of EKOCYCLE.  This stand-alone initiative is dedicated to encouraging recycling through products made in part from […]

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    ThinkSound MS01 Monitor Series Headphones Review

    For the past few years ThinkSound has been producing some of the nicest, eco-friendly, and natural-sounding in-ear headphones on the market. They have just released their MS01 Monitor In-Ear Headphones, which were engineered to provide the most accurate musical reproduction (and do so quite well!). We have an extremely auspicious relationship with our previously reviewed […]

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    California Passes New Standards for Battery Charger Efficiency

    Today, California became the first state in the Union to pass minimum efficiency standards for battery charger efficiency. That might not sound like a big deal, but the numbers cited by the California Energy Commission suggest otherwise. A great many battery chargers are operating at around 40% efficiency (losing 60% of energy consumed as heat), […]

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    Live Evergreen Dock for iPhone is Made of Oak and Moss

    And here you thought that smartphones, laptops, tablets etc…were killing the environment. This latest dock certainly changes that theory.  Want to go eco-friendly with your gadgets? That’s one of the reasons we have Etsy. The handmade Live Evergreen Dock for iPhone is made from the wood of an oak tree and moss that has been […]

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    Costavolcano Headphones are Made from Recycled Headphone Parts

    Costavolcano, by Francisco Jara Gomex, are a pair of headphones that not only look like a fancy head wrapping, but they are also made completely of recycled materials. More specifically, they are made from parts of old headphones that have been mixed with other sustainable materials like organic alpaca fiber, recycled copper, and silver. The […]

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    Neon Green Capsoul Solar Powered Back Pack Review

    Lets face it, we’re hooked on electronics. In this day and age, who wants to leave the house without their beloved cell phone, iPod, e-reader or Tablet? It’s worse then having a battery die on you. That is where the Capsoul Solar Powered Back Pack by Neon Green comes into play. As long as you’re […]

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    Ford Cars Will Talk To Each Other Via Wi-Fi One Day

    This week Ford invited reporters from around the U.S. to check out Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, for a special Forward with Ford event. Instead of traditional automobile experts and enthusiasts that are often invited to Ford HQ, the event gathered writers from across the social media landscape and featured speeches from best selling author […]

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    Griffin Survivor Case for iPhone 4 Review

    Your iPhone 4 is going into battle, you need it to withstand heavy shock, large drops, strong wind, crazy rain, extreme vibration, and the most fierce sand storms. Well, you’re in luck! Griffin has just released their Survivor Extreme-Duty Case for iPhone 4 that will literally make your iPhone battle-ready. The new case meets and […]

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    Griffin PowerDock Dual for iPad and iPhone Review

    How many households own both an iPhone and iPad nowadays? Multiple Apple iOS devices are becoming common place in the home, so stand-alone docks and stands can’t always cut it. Personally, my desk feels disorganized with my iPhone lying around on one side, and my iPad sitting up in a stand on the other. Griffin’s […]

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    VogDUO Green Wall Charger Lets You Set a Charging Time Limit

    The problem with most wall chargers is that you never know how long to leave your gadget connected to them, unless you actually turn on your gadget and look at the battery status. Well VogDUO’s Green Wall Charger is set to change all of that. This USB wall charger lets you set the charging time […]

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    PowerMat Home & Office 3x Mat with Powercube Review

    PowerMat was one of the first wireless charging pads to hit the market, and we finally got our hands on one! Alas, we can eliminate all of our cords, get rid of the clutter, and free up some slots on our power strip. The PowerMat Home and Office Mat with Powercube has positions to charge […]