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    This Month’s Hacking News is Old, But Change Your Passwords Anyway

    Three big numbers came out this month, revealing the scale of hacks at MySpace, tumblr, and LinkedIn. The good news is that all of these hacks took place a long time ago, and if your information got out, chances are you’ve changed your password since then. The bad news is that there’s no telling how […]

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    An Idiots Guide to The Sony Pictures Email Hack

    There’s no doubt you’ve heard plenty about the the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack. In fact, you’ve probably heard a bit too much—there are gigabytes upon gigabytes of leaked documents on pastebin, with thousands of pages of material that as many people are poring though. Point is, we’ll never know all of the details hidden inside […]

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    October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Celebrate with a Lifehack

    Among doubtless many other things, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. NCSAM started as a joint effort between the government and the tech industry, but this year, it’s just Intel and McAfee providing ‘digital lifehacks’ to ring in the occasion. Maybe because the government is too busy – you know what, I’m not even […]