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    Samsung 840 Series SSD Entices with Free Far Cry 3 Download

    If you were on the fence about getting Far Cry 3 or a new solid-state drive, here’s a deal that might knock you off. During the Black Friday weekend, through the following Cyber Monday, anyone who purchases a Samsung SSD 840 (not Pro) internal solid-state drive will receive a free digital download of Far Cry […]

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    OCZ Vertex 4 Solid State Drive Review

    Know this: SSDs are the wave of the future. Their benefits far outweigh any type of hard disk drive that’s ever existed. Now that the price point has come down to a competitive level, it’s time to upgrade and make the most of your old laptop or desktop. OCZ, one of the biggest names in […]

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    Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt Portable Drive Review

    The Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt is the first portable hard drive to sport both USB 3.0 and Thundrerbolt connectivity, also making it the first Thunderbolt hard drive that is ready to take on the masses. But before we get into the design of the Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt drive, it’s worth mentioning Seagate also makes a USB […]

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    Akitio Neutrino U3+ USB 3.0 and Firewire 800 Enclosure Review

    If you’ve ever upgraded your laptop’s hard drive, you may have a 2.5 inch hard drive laying around. You can easily put that extra drive to use by converting it to a fully capable portable hard drive. Hard drive enclosures are nothing new, but the Akiti takes it to the next level with the Neutrino […]

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    The Dark Knight Rises as a Mimobot USB Flash Drive

    Probably one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the summer is Batman “The Dark Knight Rises.” So now you can take a little buddy in the form of a Mimobot to the movie with you. Mimoco has just debuted designer USB flash drives Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” Edition and Bane “The Dark Knight […]

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    Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive Review

    Seagate’s new Backup Plus is a new portable external hard drive that is designed to make the process of backing up your data simple. With that said, it also has a few neat tricks up its sleeve. And that is, that besides for being able to backup files on both a Mac and PC, it’s […]

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    Battlestar Galactica Scaled Replica USB Drive

    Take a look at the most detailed piece of geek merch to ever become a flash drive. The Battlestar Galactica USB drive is an exact, to-scale replica of the eponymous ship, ready to return home to your computer and save your files in high science-fiction style. You’ll get collector’s item points, plus have a collector’s […]

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    Monster Le Mans SSD Review

    Solid State Hard Drives (SSDs) are the future of computers, there is no doubt about it. They’re also very much in the now, as prices have gotten much more affordable and capacities have gotten much more practical. Upgrading your computer’s traditional Hard Drive is the magical upgrade that will make your computer run faster, smarter, […]

  • Oh My Giddy Aunt – a Tardis USB Memory Stick!

    You may not have a real Tardis, but this latest piece of merch from Doctor Who might be the next best thing to owning an actual time machine. The Tardis 4GB USB Memory Stick will not only make all your geeky Doctor Who friends jealous because of how adorable and bite size it is, but […]

  • Kingston DataTraveler Elite 3.0 Gobbles Your Data Up in Warp Speeds

    Looks like it might be time to ditch those old USB 2.0 flash drives you have laying around – 3.0 is on the scene in increasing force. How is 3.0 any better? It’s faster, and considering the file sizes of high-definition movies, that’s reason enough to make the switch.

  • Duracell Deviates From Batteries, Pushes Flash Drives and USB Chargers

    The day when we will no longer need AAA or AA batteries is still probably far in the future. That said, you have to imagine that with rechargeable options becoming dominant, the old batteries probably aren’t a good investment for the future. Evidently, the two biggest battery producers – Duracell and Energizer – feel the […]

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    Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Review

    Hard Drives are becoming increasingly easy to fill up these days, and that’s not a good thing. A nearly-full hard drive leads to a slower computer and a frustrated user. It’s never fun to delete stuff. If you know the feeling then it’s time to upgrade to a larger and faster hard drive, and that’s […]